It's all Distractions - Let me open up for you of whats really going on beyond what the media wants your attention on!

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It's all Distractions - Let me tell you the BOTTOM LINE and really open for you of whats really going on beyond these emotional immigration themes (If you make it to the end you are a champion of thought.)

(This has been the goal for decades & deeper than Trump Himself).

Trump is one of the final pieces of the puzzle of emboldening the super rich and wealthy, the smallest aristocracy - People do not realize they are delusional in believing they too can become the super rich and wealthy. It's not about Millionaires anymore, Millionaires are in fact becoming the new middle class.
Because most republicans although they are i'm sure hard working people and families, have a hard time understanding large numbers in the hundreds of millions and billions. The struggling/dwindling middle class republican followers wont fully realize, until they see the inflation on the savings they worked their entire lives for be slashed down in value. The dollar is currently depreciating every year by 10%! $10,000 in your bank account January 1st 2018 now has the buying power of $9,000 on January 1st 2019. This is why Investments matter ...
Eventually the now middle class will become the poverty stricken masses unable to afford even the most basic human needs. Health Care and Housing. Yet Technology is rapidly giving us solutions to our problems but we only allow the privileged to take advantage of them.
Machines, Driver-less Trucking, Artificial intelligence are replacing many high paying jobs. Yet we are still living in a system built around the individual doing work and not getting paid fairly for their time. Time = Life. We built these technologies/ machines to make it easier on people as a whole. Yet the ones prospering off them are the smallest possible elites, stagnating wealth at the top and accumulating even more on interest and rigged investments.
When people are dying as they do everyday, the Majority will no longer have funeral services, or head stones (because they cant afford what once was a big part of our culture and religion). I have already seen this occurring massively first hand from families using gofundme and other resources to be able to have services.
Currently No accountability in the Economic Manipulation by the use of Fractional Reserve Lending exists/ Hyper inflationary printing of fiat dollars will catch up to this country eventually. Thankfully there is a new system being built out. But it will take years if not decades to change what has been a policy of carelessness that started even way before Trump took office.