Fight for your Freedom while you have it!

in #freedom3 years ago (edited)

It is my opinion that the government, and most* people in government, are an ever growing evil entity that wants complete control of everything and everyone. I believe that our government has done, does, and will do incredibly evil things to take away the rights on its citizens. Government is insatiable and its regulations, taxes, and laws will always be pushed further and further. These seemingly innocuous laws are small steps toward complete control of the American population.
"Never let a crisis go to waste" is their motto. They use the emotional state of the populous, after an event like the Vegas shooting, (think patriot act) to grab more control and further their surveillance state. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I believe it's more than coincidence that every major mass shooting happens DAYS before gun legislation is being voted on. We need to understand that the government is not our friend, they do not have our interests at heart, and that given a long enough time line, every government becomes tyrannical. We have to fight for our freedoms, while we still have them.

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