Ground Zero military outreach interrupted by NYPD

in #freedom3 years ago

Just when we were having a productive conversation, the cops had to come and break it up!

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I don't understand how that officer can ask you to go across the street but those other people behind them are allowed to be there?

You are doing great work trying to open the minds of our people brother, sad to see how these police officers handle themselves. Also was odd the other solider you talked with earlier came out of no where and grabbed the two off duty soliders... We need to change the culture and minds from within. When asking that officer if he took an oath to the constitution the fact that he didn't even answer you was disgraceful. We need to have police working who truly love their country and respect their people. We need to open their minds and show them the bigger picture. All starts from within and I believe we can make it there one day. #bigrespect #kokesh2020

Yoh just spoke my mind and thanks @adamkokesh for sharing.

I guess when you're in the military you're not trained to talk to people, you're just trained to kill them.

I trust big brother! I believe big brother knows what's best! All my family worked for big brother!

Alright. I understand Libertarians are friggin' LOST when attempting to figure out the process for success in the electoral forum, but can someone PLEASE tell me 2 things. Why did Adam not ONCE announce to the folks he interacted with, his intentions to seek the LP nomination for POTUS candidate (which includes having a "push card" to leave with the folks)? And... WHY THE PHUQUE CAN'T HE GET IT THROUGH HIS THICK JAR HEAD HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO STOP DOING ALL THIS ALONE! Politics (and military, for that matter) is a team effort. Lone wolves get picked off too easily.
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He said it was the eleventh anniversary of 9-11, which would have made it 2012.

Yeah... now that you mention it, I do remember people not dressed for winter. My bad. On the bright side, the message to him I have been pounding at his "jar head" since he got locked up, about NOT traveling alone, seems to have resonated. Yesterday on a vid, he announced he is putting together a private security team of fellow former military men. Plus, he is NOT driving that rig. He has someone with him. Now, I look forward to those "push cards" so we can find enough people to become LP delegates for the nominating convention (I believe in '19). Find enough who will read his "Freedom!" book and become motivated enough to carry his torch to overwhelm the dolts stifling that party now.

That guy's uniform was pretty funny, any dictator would be impressed

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How can our officers be that selective? Or is there any other valid reasons for such actions?

I'm going to look good.
I can not speak English because I do not live in an English speaking country. Thank you for your understanding.

I wish you always a healthy and happy life :) can not even have a conversation on the street if the authority doesn't like you or your questions. .....because this the "land of the free" huh?