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Adam is being held in Wise, Texas under suspicious circumstances. I spoke with him earlier today and he asked me to write something about what is going on. First of all, I should introduce myself. I am the Press Secretary for the Adam Kokesh American Referendum Project, Adam’s Presidential Campaign.


This past Tuesday, January 16th 2018, Adam announced his bid for the Libertarian Nomination for the President of the United States. Around 40 minutes later, he was pulled over by Texas police officers not once, but twice while on his way to a Bitcoin conference in Miami. After demanding that he turn off his camera and after bringing police dogs to search “No Force One”, his RV, they arrested him. He is still in jail.

The media has said nothing. A candidate for President from the 3rd largest political party in the country has been jailed and instead, the media is talking about what Trump had for dinner. I was involved with Ron Paul’s campaign in 2012 and we experienced a Media Blackout of Dr. Paul. It paled in comparison to what is happening to Adam Kokesh. There is no media presence whatsoever. I have to give credit to one exception, Reason Magazine, which published a small article about the arrest. The silence is deafening.

The founders of this country believed in a free press and said it was necessary as a watchdog on government. John Adams wrote, “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.” (John Adams, A Dissertation on Canon and Feudal Law.)Thomas Jefferson said, “Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” (Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr.James Currie, 28 Jan. 1786) I could go on and on.

Adam is again taking up the cause of FREEDOM as those long dead heroes did. Again, we are confronted by a government that strips away rights such as freedom of press without a second thought. I, for one, will not sit down and take it. Over the past few days I and his campaign have tirelessly spent hours contacting the media asking them to cover this important act of aggression by the Texas Government. They have not listened. We are few and you are many. Adam asked me to have you call as many media outlets as possible. Below is a list that you can start with to contact the media. There are phone numbers, email addresses, and contact pages. It is time for us to show that freedom is not dead and we demand a free press. Join me in stopping The Blackout of Adam Kokesh!

Thank you,

-Marcus Pulis

Help get Adam out of jail:

Media Outlets:

Drudge Report - web site, comment section towards the bottom,

The New York Times- phone - 844-698-6397, email-

New York Post- phone - 212-930-8288, email-

The Washington Post - phone - 202-334-6000

Washington Times - phone - 202-636-4939, email-

The Boston Globe - phone - 617-929-7483

All Things Considered, NPR, hosts- Robert Siegel, Audie Cornish, Ari Shapiro, Kelly McEvers and Michel Martin- contact page-

C-SPAN - phone - 202-737-3220, email-

NBC - phone - 212-664-4444

ABC - phone - 917-260-7700

FOX - phone - 202-895-3000

CBS - phone - 202-895-5999

Infowars, host Alex Jones contact page-

The Glenn Beck Program, contact page-

The Savage Nation- host- Michael Savage, contact page-

Chad Benson Show - phone - (844) 344-2423, email-

Dennis Miller, contact page-

The Dana Show- host- Dana Loesch, email-

The New Yorker- email-

People - phone - 1-212-522-6699, email-

Rolling Stone- email-

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I had no idea this was going on.. I will pray for Adam's safe release

Since Adam Kokesh had just announced his candidacy as a Libertarian, I believe the Libertarian Party would be highly interested in this event. RT is also a great idea, as is Ron Paul.

All alternative media sources should also be considered, regardless of their prior engagement with Adam Kokesh, as this is clearly a threat to all alternative voices.

Any of us can be similarly handled, and disappeared from society, just as easily.

What's next, drone strikes in America?

Americans have already been 'droned' without any due process, or even any discussion of the evidence against them, including children. So far it hasn't been done in the USA. How likely is that progress not to be undertaken, eventually?

This is a very good example of what we can expect to continue to be the result of the section 702 surveillance that has provably been used to spy on candidates for President, and which our current President has just gotten reauthorized, so he can use the same power that was used against him.

I believe this is the fruit of that poisoned tree.

Why should they stop at political candidates? Why should we even expect that they have? How would we know?

Every alternative media outlet, whether politically aligned with Adam Kokesh or not, should feel the chill, and recognize that their very own personal freedom is just as threatened by his capture and enslavement in a cage by surveillance empowered gangsters.



I'm actually shocked by the lack of coverage on this, especially from the likes of Infowars. It shows you that all centralised media is controlled by people with hidden objectives. The blockchain has turned up in this struggle for freedom at exactly the time it was needed most


AJ got his start in terrestrial radio with the blessing of the establishment ... could he be controlled opposition?




Funny how this expert dog also thought the door leading to another dog was so interesting that the officer had to jerk his chain, literally multiple times, then patting him to move on (showing dog does not have autonomy but is a tool of the officer). Then they move to an area where the camera and accused cannot view the dog or officer which then leads to said officer stating that said K9 has indicated back to said unbiased K9 officer (completely impartial officer who has no ability to influence dog, ahem ... unlike when he had to distract said animal from a door leading to another dog). Now this “obvious proof of criminality” (a dog/officer team who is unreliable at best and 100% biased at worst) gives officers being filmed having lied and harassed accused for a speeding (9mph) violation that they can now search his vehicle without the drivers permission. Following this unusual chain of events the officers find in a secret hiding spot multiple various amounts of different controlled substances that were in a container, I assume, that would not be obvious to the naked eye, then assume all these events are normal and standard operating procedure for a 9mph traffic violation. Sounds much more like officers on video had vested interest in not being made to look like they were wrong, deceptive, liars, arrogant, unfriendly and generally confrontational (which they were filmed being) making sure this accused person does not leave the scene a free man and instead prove themselves apt by arresting the captured man and his property because ... “muh dog”. This would be an incredibly easy way to frame a person who say, oh idk an authority figure would want to impose their will on, then besmirch the character of said accused based on dog testimony, and possible other influences. The entire thing looked like a setup and takedown. They located Adam with first stop, finding him inside mode of travel not under his name and then following that up with a second officer who now is stopping him for different violation on same road by same department of police. Who here thinks that officer could not get the dog to give an indication? Who thinks officers do not plant evidence? Who thinks officers are 100% honest and have no ego? Thought so. This was a takedown. You can’t fool a Marine all the time. You might get us at MEPS but once we hit the ground at the Recruit Depot we become acutely aware of people fucking us over!


Clearly Adam Kokesh was under intensive surveillance. This happened only 40 minutes after he announced his candidacy!

It is proven that the USG surveils candidates for President. Our current President has himself proved it was done to him, and now has just gotten the very powers that were used against him reauthorized by Congress.

It is obvious that we need improved video and audio surveillance tools to prevent this kind of event, where the officer used the visibility limitations of the surveillance to plant the fake evidence.

All we have to do is remember what happened to Ross Ulbricht to see how the prosecution will proceed.

If there had been wider public attention to Adam Kokesh, which the announcement of his candidacy was sure to create, the public would have been far more able to react, and I believe this explains the timing of his capture.

Do not forget that you are all under surveillance, and that if you are deemed to be a thorn in the paw of tyrants, this can be done to you.



Agreed. They were looking for an excuse to arrest him and this gave them the opportunity. With the justice system being the opposite of what was intended, they can do whatever they want, legally!


You have a lot of great points there; these "officers", it is really just a bunch of gang members in costumes with guns; just pretend those guys with the badges and guns just work for the local mafia; pretend they will shoot you, and don't really care about your rights, and don't care about any oath they took, and pretend they just follow orders no matter what the orders are; pretend they can get angry and shoot you if they feel like it and get away with it.. okay, now stop pretending, but realize all those things are still true. As for fooling Marines, yes MEPS, all Marines were fooled when they signed up, they all failed the Milgram test, but that doesn't mean they aren't waking up; sometimes you have to be fooled before the lesson sinks in. Adam is doing great things bringing awareness to all this. Although if he is not going to accept the $6000 bail, why do they still have donate $1000 for bail link on the linked page?


LOVE THIS! Well said. LOL!


So these are not true charges or the drug war is bs? Cause I'm going to go ahead and say Adam was a little foolish if he really was carrying contraband around after declaring his intention to dismantle the whole system.


Exactly! A group of officers and K9 just happen to show up and find drugs? Yeah, good one government.

I will be in front of the Court House TOMORROW in Central Islip, NY, with a sign that says #freedomforkokesh if anyone wants to join me I will be the guy in the Anonymous and/or Ski Mask/Balaclava and Black North Face Jacket. Always News trucks out front so maybe I can get it in the background of a story. Going to try to make a QR code with a link to his blog or website. From one DevilDog (not the tasty snack) to another Semper Fidelis. @wwamd v. The Man 1/19/2018! Leave no man behind. Fight for what is right and be confident in your righteousness. Strength in the face of intimidation. Never surrender. This land is our land, these are our people, don’t let anyone divide us no matter what. Hmm, maybe I will blast the eBook while I am there ... FREEDOM! (Btw check out my background and avatar. Been rocking the Freedom pin on my MARPAT Yankee hat for years!)


I'll be looking forward to the video!

Sent a link to this article to Corbet Report via the contact form on his page. Hes likely to report on it in some way.
He is also here on steemit. @corbettreport

Remember Adam was once on RT USA.
Maybe Adam might have some friends still at this news agency.

Contact info
Autonomous non-profit organization (ANO) “TV-Novosti”, Channel “RT TV”
Phone: +7 499 750-00-75
ext. 1200


Planning newsgathering producers
Phone: +7 499 750-03-01


U.S. bureau


He was on Infowars too and they've really thrown him under the bus. Anyone who supports Ron Paul @ronpaul should no longer support Infowars given their lack of a defence of Adam this week.


Soon trucks will be automated, and this will no longer present a threat to the slavers and the profiteers behind them.

I am doing what I can to post this story everywhere that I can. I watched the videos leading up to the arrest and have always stood beside Adam. I actually just wrote Adam a letter just last weekend. He asked in the last video to write a letter, so I told him about how I watched him regularly on YouTube, then watched him move over to DTube as I just discovered Steemit. This unfortunate setback can now provide the right kind of opportunity to act and raise awareness, as well as reveal hard proof of certain police and govern"mental" strategy when manipulating political candidacy to their own benefit. I made sure to use "presidential candidate" in the title, hoping to get premium attention if MSM won't do their job. It's only because he's a presidential candidate that this happened. Crazy. Most would give up after this incident.
Adam won't quit though. I know it.
I think we're kinda in this together at this point.
Vancouver, Canada

Stop the black out!

Free Adam!

Yh we have the right to freedom
I stand to stop the media black out!
Nice one @adamkokesh

The revolution will not be televized, but it will be on steemit.


Let the block chain reign!


The blockchain can do good, but it can also be used against us. It is not necessarily the holy grail. It is a tool. And like all tools needs to be used carefully.


Right now it's just us on the blockchain.

We need to put them on it, so they are just as publicly auditable as we are.

Presently we are under surveillance, and the 'evidence' is concealed from us.

We need to turn those tables. We need to publicly post livestreams of tyrants on the blockchain, so they can't do this shit to us anymore without being caught.

Technology always eventually empowers individuals more than organizations, although corporate power always gets the tech first. We need to accelerate the dispersal of surveillance technology to the rest of us, and use this to hold government servants to account.


Interesting viewpoint. I guess that makes sense. There is a lot more of us (the public) than there is of them (TPTB). And so the odds are against them. It was the Wright brothers that finally figured out flight, not the government indoctrinated experts.


I would like to add that I disagree with the last paragraph. In that we are the innovators that develop the best technology first. They just try to control it and us. For example we were on our way to inventing our own internet with AOL and all the other "telephone/modem" networks that were around in 1985 or so? And out of nowhere Al Gore invented the internet? Really? No, they knew what was coming next and they took it over and centralized it. Same thing is happening now with blockchains.


Darpa invented the internet, long before AOL. Military funding created the internet ,not home hobbyists.

Most tech comes from research that is funded by organizations, because they can afford to pay a guy to do it.

Even if you disagree with that, you shouldn't disagree that tech eventually disperses to individuals, like phones, like cars, like 3D printers. This dramatically reduces the power of organizations compared to individuals.

Surveillance, cameras, etc., is the same thing. I can mount cameras on my house and record 24/7 on my HDD for less than $100. Not so long ago, only well funded organizations could afford such surveillance systems.

We can hurry it along, if we want to, and I reckon we should want to.


All i'm saying is that the free market was going to create a network that would have been more decentralyzed than the darpa internet. And it would have morphed into a more versatile system. But we'll never know because they took over and never let us figure it out. The free market and the innovation of the crowd will always do a better job than the gov't. If they had never forced us to use their already developed network, we would have come up with something better and always improving. It would have been perhaps a complex and confusing network, but computers can handle that and keep it in the background and you would never have noticed it. And I'm pretty sure we would have never seen anything like Facebook.
Oh by the way, I was trying to remember which network I was on in those day, it was CompuServe. Do you remember than name? They ended up being taken over by one company and then they got taken over and so on, and so on.


Yeah and it's totally awesome. Big anything is on it's way out. Once the monetary system is decentralized and in the hands of the Market everything else will follow. :)

OMG, what a powerful people @adamkokesh is. I have just now gone through his book, I am greatly influenced by the way he described about government, freedom, states etc. I came to know that he is a candidate of presidential elections of states. But he had to suffer in jail, I am very excited to know everything about you friend, pray for your freedom friend,you are the treasures for our community.

Will pray for @adamkokesh justice too.

we want freedomforkokesh ! may you free early @adamkokesh

Upvoted resteemed and will try to email some of these MSM people ignoring the facts

Free Adam!!!

Here was my bit of humorous recollection for this situation:

Keep your head up Adam!

i've seen the video when he was pulled over and the sniffer dog found nothing on the RV. these are fake charges and it seems that the fake evidence if ever were planted. this is somewhat politically motivated charges.

Call now!

ooo Woooow!


I do NOT trust anyone who works for the "enemy" as a CAREER you know?

Would YOU work for the NAZI's for your ENTIRE life? hmmmm
never easy..... If he(Ron Paul) DOES NOT open his mouth on MSM I am DONE with him. he can get on IF he WANTS

Keep calling is right I WILL again today, SCUMBAGS!

This is an obvious setup. Someone out there found out who Adam is and got the extra police to the scene. Going 9 over the limit justifies dog search??? And what's this with the refusal of a blanket, is that a dangerous weapon now? Resteemed!

The insane, corrupt, and FAR left media is very much controlled, even totally owned, opposition to the people. All mass media is owned by only about a half dozen corporations, so I'm not sure why anyone would expect honesty from them, anyway. To expect fair, and unbiased reporting from them would be like suddenly having our federal government operate ethically. IT AIN'T HAPPENING!! Freedom is earned, not freely given.

'By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.' Our government, and media, have been been operating hand-in-hand to wage war on the people for decades, but most never seem to notice. It's not a war fought with bombs and bullets, but one fought with lies and propaganda. If something flows from their magical electronic telescreens in their living rooms, people assume it surely must be from the mouth of God. It's not. It's straight from the mouths of those that have an agenda, and propaganda only strengthens their position. The truth is it's most powerful enemy.

WE the people are here only to provide the labor, and to feed the government and thieving bankers an endless supply of cash...nothing more. Soon they won't even need boots on the ground in order to execute their wars. We're pretty much there now. Who are we at war with today, Eurasia or Eastasia? Remember, War is Peace.

When you do finally wakeup to what's going on, it's like being slapped upside the head with a brick. You wonder how you could have went so long without it being obvious. You often see the term, "being red-pilled," and I guess that works as well as any.

The first step in beginning to free your mind for thinking, instead of for being programmed, is to TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION!!


That's a nice list of sources. Thanks!

Interesting that this blackout includes Infowars and ZeroHedge. Given that Infowars have previously done segments with Adam Kokesh and that Ron Paul appears regularly over the years you would think they would have made this a top story. It just shows you that anything centralised is not free press. The blockchain is the Gutenberg printing press of the future.

It would be nice to see @dollarvigilante and @zerohedge give this story some attention given that they are both active on Steemit.

Hi guys, so I went on Paul Joseph Watson's facebook and wrote the following comment on his latest race-baiting article which was immediately voted by him as Spam. Shows you what a sham infowars has become. This was my comment to him which he marked as Spam. I'm putting it on the Blockchain to circumnavigate the Infowars blockade of Adam Kokesh's arrest. This is the link to Paul Joseph Watson's post where I made the comment that he blocked.

And this is my comment

"Angus Giorgi Hey Paul, I don't actually care for this. I've supported Infowars in the past because of your stance supporting Ron Paul but this is starting to take the shape of racism being promoted by you and Infowars. Why don't you step back from this and actually support issues that are important. For instance why has Infowars joined the media blackout of the arrest of Adam Kokesh this week? Given that it took place in Texas and would be easy for your team to cover geographically it is very telling that you've said nothing but are chasing this bullshit race baiting agenda instead.

You need to get off the race baiting issues and get back to supporting whistleblowers and defending freedom of the press and freedom of expression. I think Infowars and Breitbart's posturing on this issue is actually shameful, and you need to get back to the truth of the fight for freedom of press and expression for all people - regardless of their skin or ethnicity, and not this highly emotional sideshow where you are contributing to the stereotypes and hatred yourself. Your ego is getting in the way of any truth you could tell.

Why is infowars not on Steemit for example? And why haven't you written even one article about Adam Kokesh being arrested after announcing his run for Presidency on a Libertarian ticket, even though he's been on your show a number of times? That plus Infowars complete absence from any decentralised blockchain social media platform is making it abundantly clear that you are part of the Centralised Manipulated Press and that you are becoming everything you claim you stand against. If Zero Hedge and Press for Truth can join the Blockchain, then so can Infowars, and it might actually make you a better News platform.

I tried phoning the tip line at the Austin American Statesman and no one has gotten back to me yet. Will try again the next couple days.