Adam VS the Tea Partier, Veteran VS Veteran

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Want to help me finally free America from the federal government?

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I like your freedom
Thanks for sharing activism post
I appreciate your politics

Great stuff you are doing @adamkokesh

Freedom of rights of every citizen


Where in heck do you get your high level of patience, Adam? This was actually worse than the confrontation you had with the cottonHeaded woman in front of some Romnuts assembly in NH. My blood was boiling over watching this!!! What is it with people caught up in that elephant tent? They feed you enough dung for dinner and your brain begins to turn into shit? Romnuts isn't a Ford Focus. He's a Chevy Malibu... paid for by tax subsidy, through and through. What part of FLIPPER didn't this Navy boy comprehend?

Just for the record, I'd love to see where this guy stands today. Too bad you didn't give him a book and get his contact info. Did he continue to "evolve"? LOL

thanks ^^

thanks for sharing

I strongly support your struggle to free America from the federal government. This is a tough struggle. But, you do not despair, because many people will support you in fighting for freedom in America.

You deserve to be president of America. Because you like freedom. Freedom is the first right of man in this world, it can not be negotiable.

Keep fighting @adamkokesh. Free price freedom that should not be mocked

I am very happy to help you to free America from the federal government. This is a noble task.

I pray for your step in fighting for freedom in America. Continue to fight a peace @adamkokesh, we pray and support all freedom lovers are always with you.

Thank you @adamkokesh for sharing in steemit.

Freedom is soul of life

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How are you going to get elected to be the star of the puppet show? You got bankers behind you? 😂😂

Life is freedom in politics in dtube


freedom is the right of all nations, we must fight for it

How was your war experience, I'm curious...

I am very supportive,
go ahead @adamkokesh
hopefully your goal is all achieved


good news @adamkokesh

I heard it said once that GOVERNMENT should be small enough that you could drown it in a five gallon bucket . I live by those principles . Stay out of my body , my food , and my life . And stay out of my CONSTITUTION for its NOT FOR SALE LIBERALS❗️🤨 Great to see you doing well and fighting the good fight . ✌️♥️

Your post golden sir... i just follow your post ... so kindly follow & uovote me thanks for sharing

let's share the good

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