Kokesh For President - #TaxationIsTheft Tour Speech

in freedom •  last year

It is official. It is time to #FinallyFreeAmerica!

I’m running for President of the United States with the Libertarian Party on the platform of the peaceful, responsible dissolution of the entire federal government.

This is the revolution you’ve been waiting for.


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Hmm Interesting... :D


Liberty is, yes. It's also worth any price.


collaborate with someone who needs help @rhubarb @damkokesh

Good luck with that.

I prefer Kanye West....

The revolution will be televised on d.tube.


perfect caption. If Gil Scott Heron was alive I wonder if he would have a dtube channel.

I didnt want to go out and register to vote, but now I have a reason to

So honored to be working on the campaign team!

I'm 30 years old and have never voted in this corrupt system. Me and my wife will be registering to vote so we can vote for you for president in 2020! Good luck man

I really love this fella! I think he has a good message to share with the rest of the world, even though I don't vote any longer.

You've got my vote, Adam!

There is a typo on your website :


Thank you for letting us know!!

You got my vote!


If I was in America you'd get my vote. I'm not, so you'll have to make do with my upvote ;)

Awesome news!

Oh wow, interested in your campaign!

Great, I love to see this kind of activism!

Wrong idea.

power of democracy it gives choice to everybody

Welcome to Colorado!

Can you please do the same here at socialist Europe?

Snoop dogg for president in 2020!

Jesus Christ no thanks...

Great video thank You!

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This post has been upvoted and resteemed! I also started following you so I can see more of your work!

I must admit that I am very ignorant to the belief system of the libertarian party, and mostly relate to being in line with the green party. I can't wait to do more research on this party, as you seem genuine.

This was just posted on Adam's facebook page:
Official press release. Spread it widely.

Adam Kokesh Announces Candidacy for President and is Immediately Arrested.

We did know this would happen. GET ADAM OUT OF JAIL HERE!

Longtime activist and former Marine, Adam Kokesh, made a celebratory announcement today that he has officially filed all paperwork necessary to run as a candidate for the office of United States President in 2020.
That announcement took place around 12:30pm EST. At 12:40pm EST he was pulled over by Texas State Troopers for swerving and having suspicious tags on No Force One, his tour bus. A brief encounter took place before the tour bus’ ownership was established (Adam has a lease-to-own agreement with the bus’ owner) and Adam was allowed to go free.
Approximately 40 minutes later Adam was pulled over once again, this time for driving speeding along the Texas highway. This encounter was far more aggressive. State Troopers continually escalated the situation until bringing in a K-9 unit which “alerted,” near a storage compartment on the RV. Adam’s dog, Baloo, was also inside the RV.
At that point the State Troopers commanded Adam to turn off his camera and they proceeded to search and seize. He was then arrested and is being held with no charges currently.
We have to fight this injustice. Can you contribute now, to keep this fight alive?
Adam just finished a 4-month long tour across the country in November where he was not pulled over once. Are we to believe that this is just coincidence that he is pulled over twice within the hour after announcing his candidacy?
Along that tour we talked many times about how, “It would get ugly.” Well, here it is, folks.
Libertas Perfundet Omnia Luce,
Ben Farmer
Chief Strategist


That's horrible, I hope they aren't actually targeting him. How was he arrested with no charges?


I'd vote for him just because they arrested him without charges. They do this to discourage him, but we all know this will only encourage him. Adam is the only true american patriot I know.


Did Adam have a temp tag while on this 4-month tour?

A corrupt government is better than no government at all, or even a weak government. Look at what happened when Saddam Hussein's regime was toppled. Has Iraq improved? No. It is more dangerous than ever. Their economy still hasn't recovered. Persecutions of non-favored religious groups has increased exponentially.

When you remove people from power or institutions of power, there will always be a power-hungry person to fill in the vacuum. And until the void is filled, chaos will reign. Would we rather have freedom to do whatever we want? Well, guess what, so do other people. They want the freedom to steal our things. Who will protect us then?

That is the chief purpose of government: to keep order and punish the people who do wrong. The solution is not boot out the government. The solution is to change society. We have rejected God's principles--the only definitive standard of right and wrong, and replaced them with our own subjective standards. That's why you have corruption. Our politicians are mirrors of ourselves. We get poor choices for candidates because we only care about whether the economy is doing well, not about whether the person in office is a person of moral character that can guide the country with strong leadership and wisdom.

I don't know much about Adam Kokesh. He's probably a nice guy with lofty ideals. But abolishing the government, as great as it sounds in theory, is a bad idea. We need to return to the constitution, and give more power to the states, like we had at our nation's inception.

As it is, we have deviated from it for the last two centuries and that's the problem.

No, anarchy is not the answer. If you get anarchy, you will live to regret it and so will your children! If anything, hamstring the overarching control of the Supreme Court. Don't get rid of it, but the judges do have too much power, when they try to legislate from the bench.


Spot on brother ! Thank you for providing a little common sense to the discussion ;)

Great news Adam! and I just heard about your unlawful arrest today, I hope to hear of you regained freedom very soon! upvoted, resteemed, commented and #freeadamkokesh

Now there is someone worth voting for. Go Adam you are the man!

I agree with the vision and mission of freedom, the individual freedom of all human beings. there is no war propaganda that harms the common people.

I upvote because the value in it is very humanism.

Adam great job and I'm digging your content! Keep it up and you have my upvote!

Koshesh? Anyway don’t be teasing dude! Let’s do it!

from the bottom line

I personally strongly support a freedom, because now is the era of the people are not tyrannized

Vote Nobody for president! Preside over your own life and no one else's. Elect Adam to get out of everyone's way. He's the best chance we have to make the next election the last election. Maybe you could let homeless people live in the white house, you already have an RV. You don't need two houses bro. Think of all the people who could live in the halls of congress. Worthwhile ideas might actually get discussed in there for the first time. Or you could even sell that shit to Pepsi Co and give us the money. Idk, its your non-presidency but thank you for standing up for awesomeness.


Hahaha this comment was so all-over the place it reminded me of me on 5th hour of vodka-redbull lol!
Made me laugh! I'm with you bro!!!

Well, I think you have a long way to go

Your speech style is very passionate and intellectual

good post I will start to follow you I like your work

Go @kokesh go!!!
Now this is going to be fascinating! So proud of you man!
I didn't know if this was for serious but I think this is absolutely incredible!
Good luck to you sir and let's all get on board !!!

This kind of win for my American friends might actually be worth moving away from Canada for.

Only freemasons are allowed to be one..


AND over half the state troopers are freemasons!


is Adam one?

Interesting post. Good video.

collaborate with someone who needs help

America people are funny! That country are amazing.



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How did you post that? I thought you were in a jail in Texas.
Cryptos are tanking. More on that later.


This is his social media manager Cody.

Looking forward to hear more about your planes and programs and how you plan to do it.

We don't need great (powerful) America, we need great, powerful American people.
Power to the People!

You've got my meaningless vote. I hope you can tap into that Ron Paul vibe. Boy, that was fun!

thanks, happy today

It is high time a revolutionary change happens in America. Any change that will come outside the two dominant parties in US will be welcome. So, I sincerely support your bid for president under Labour Party. I follow and I upvote you.

Be careful what you wish for.

Wow! Soon to happen

Nice article....I am stunned by your work....thank u forever. ..keep going

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I admire so much of what you do/have done, but this is not the “revolution I’ve been waiting for.”

You once posted on one of your promotional posts “America doesn’t need a ruler, America needs a leader.”

As an anarchist, I don’t want or need either. How can a system built upon violence bring an end to violence? Change the mafia “from the inside.” It just doesn’t happen.

Anarchism is about individuals, and as such, top-down, centralized mandates on how land will be divided via “land lotteries” and other such issues can never work and still respect the rights of individuals. The property owners in communities need to decide that stuff. If they can do that on their own, why does anyone need a president to mandate it? If they can’t do that, then that’s basically an admission that a force-based nation state is necessary.

I hope something good comes of your run, but I am pretty sure I can speak for all the Voluntaryists here when I say we don’t need a leader.

wow!! great

Do it brother! So excited for your next visit to Colorado, and even more excited to see the ripples you make over the next couple of years.

You know we love you and we've always got your back!

Resteemed for sure!

I love your dream. I would like to see it happen and work. I hope it does happen, and I hope it does work.
I'll need to read your book to understand more, but I see the government as nothing more than a big company with a practically unlimited budget with a very particular job. A job that works for other big companies, that are all about profit for the company above all else.
Even if it is possible to dissolve the government, what will keep the big companies from forming monopolies? (yes, it is happening anyway). What will stop them from stifling competition? (yes, it is happening anyway). How will we create a true free market, when the big companies have unlimited budgets to secure their foothold to give people no other option.
I have too many questions. But I will read your book. Maybe I'll see things differently afterwards, and have answers to some of my questions.

good luck man!

realy it's interesting wihel taking coffee and write like this post
have a look @abdo1 as well


Well. Many said DT couldn't do it, but look at him. You have a chance dude.

Spread the truth of self ownership. We are obligated to give truth to our brothers & sisters. What they do with that information is up to them. Shake'm & wake'm Adam!

  • gets arrested the next day -

As shitty and dangerous as the current U.S government is, is dissolving it really a wise idea?

Haha if you win i will remember i saw this post on Steem

I agree with the vision and mission of freedom, the individual freedom of all human beings. there is no war propaganda that harms the common people.

I upvote because the value in it is very humanism.

please vist my blog sir..encourage me.. i request you sir..

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just WOW

Cannot vote for you. But, I'll definitely campaign for you among my people there!

lol dissolution of the government lol good luck with that

Good post

Ludvig von Mises, Ron Paul, Bundy, Constitution, Declaration of independence, freedom, accompanied by some words that would be banned by youtube but very applicable here... what a fiery speech! thank you for sharing your Iraq experience, that was very moving.

Wait your running for president in 2020?
Nice #Kokesh2020

I'd vote for no president if I were american! :)

Good luck!

very impression your post, I really like, I want to like you what is its secret?

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In all due respect, seems like another Candidate wasting his time for something that is not even a remote possibility of happening. As far as Taxes and a welfare state ?? We will always have it. The fact is we have human beings in our Country just trying to keep a roof over their heads and barely can keep their children fed. Do you seriously think these desperate people have even time to think about issues that you are so passionate about ?? Of course not, they are just trying to survive day to day. You live in a delusional bubble. Fact is, there will always be a Gov't to pander to these folks.

And there NEEDS to be !!

But you have the option of forming your own Commune and living outside the jurisdiction of the US. No one is stopping you ;)


I don't even think that's the point. The point is more people are talking, consciousness is expanding, the message is spreading! :D

Very Nice posting
Please follow me @sohailomi

I'd vote for you bro, you have your head on straight a lot more than most. We need leaders who actually care about the public and aren't power hungry. Kokesh 2020!

Goodluck @adamkokesh. President of the country must be who cares for the common man and not for the rich. The our taxes are pocketed by arms n amunition comapnies on the name of defence, Industries get packages in slowdown, subsidies for coporates. Who is paying these people.. the middle class. Therefore such revolutionary movements must be supported.

Hope you find great support for people of America..


Swear trump b on some hitler shit got you for the vote big dawg

Taxation is theft, the biggest theft ever because the thief doesn’t go to jail. Government as a thief has immunity given by people who elected them. But the people of a free market wants small government and less control. small government requires less money to operate and therefore should lower taxation, but you will find hat is not the case because government often lies. Like the democrats in the USA they want bigger government and higher taxes. Like Trudeau in Canada, he introduced the carbon tax and marijuana tax is coming. All evidence of bigger government and greater control of you and your wallet - this is the appearance of socialism and the end result is Communism. Beware!

thanks for such a informative video

i love this post
please follow and upvote me thanks

I thought Garry Johnson is the presidential candidate for the Libertarian party in 2020?