Still locked up. Adam releases his statement from jail.

in freedom •  10 months ago

Help the cause here:

(Please listen passed the 5 second mark)

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hello adam my prayers are with you cant wait to see you back on Steemit when your out, counting on u


Good will prevail in the end!

What proof exists that local law enforcement has jailed Adam because of his political beliefs? Who has directed them to do this?


I think in this day and age we should look for proof that it wasn't for his political beliefs. Did you see the video of his arrest ? do you know that he wasn't allowed to speak to a lawyer, was held without charges being laid, was refused a blanket of all things? that there were not one or two but several police officers dealing with him? that all of this was that he supposedly was going 74 in a 65 zone? give me a break, if that wasn't political then it was an odd case of police ganging up on someone for fun or may be to meet a quota. I agree that the latter was also possible but the fact that he was pulled over shortly before and obviously made the police chatter strongly indicates that this was more than a quota.

Get adam released

They only have fear & distruction as tools to slow down the peoples awakening. You present a threat to their system of control as it depends on the masses imagining the states legitimacy as real. Once you show them that it's an illusion many more will have their eyes opened & soon the state will not have their mechsnism of control (fear) & will fade into history as a warning to future generations that the religion of statism must be confronted & never alowed to gain a foot hold in the minds of our fellow brothers & sisters again. This reaction is not a coinsedince.


Those who know about Adam Kokesh. I took off my tin foil hat years ago, re pieced everything back together and realized that society is entirely fraudulent and the government, all its entities, and the bankers/CEOs that bought it out are essentially no different from a mafia+esque organization.

In short, Adam's girlfriend describes in this video how Adam got pulled over twice here in Texas, arrested the second time after a mere hour of announcing his 2020 run for presidency. I literally saw the first video in real time before he was pulled over again and detained something like 29 minutes later. The supposed charges was drug possession and/or drug paraphernalia only Adam mentioned that they found literally no contraband in his RV.

Kinda suspect.

Keep left or right, or afraid if you don't like freedom.


Ain't skeerd. Here here good sir. I prefer the uncertainty & danger of a free mans life than the most secure safety of a slaves. I went off of the left right grid years ago, in part due to Adam's work.


Thanks for the comment. I didnt know what happened to him


Literally new to this (1st post of any type), who is Adam? From your statement alone, I almost feel like the masses need to be exposed to this. Presidential run??? All jokes aside, please enlighten me.


Let's create a fairer reality and prosperous. My eyes are open. The vision is mine!

Our country is so messed up. How can they lock up Adam, and let Hillary run free?

Who is this guy to the steem community? No disrespect, but can anyone explain please? :)

It is not true freedom.


What is true? How do you hear the truth?1 (2).jpg meditate, right ear truth, ears to hear.

Admit it man, the dog found a little weed...
I hope you get out and they drop the charges though.
Best of luck. I support what you do.

Fuck the system!

Support from Vancouver Canada..... legalize Liberty!

Support from Bulgaria! Hope you can clean up the mess and continue your presidential run! What happened to the dog is he ok?

what is the title of the book and what video is meant

Thank you Adam for standing up for us. Sending you all me positive energies and see you back on Steem when your out.

Abuse of Power, false charges, the list goes on... It's too bad that Adam does not have a ton of money to pursue charges against THEM, but it would likely detract from the Run to the White House! They know that but what we need to do is harness the power of the and hopefully maybe even use the LSM (lame stream media) to get this message OUT.
PEACE, and prayers for ADAM.
I stand with A.K., with my AR ;)
Rob's AR big.jpg


i still think that the best weapon we have against the governments is our words and wits. whereas they have all the guns, power and authority in their whims, put they listens when we speak, they still reads when we tweet and still reacts when we comment. so even though you look so good and firm with your AR, am still of the opinion that we use our oratory weapon that the armory.



like your pick you look like rambo lol i started following you and will upvote and comment

Very nice

Still Lock up,, they won't let him out.. hope charges are dropped

this is madness.

Guys any one have any idea about the regen coins I have blindly invested on it :( ?I need you'r reviews on it please..would appreciate it..

it still marvels me that the so called "civilized" nation that calls us "shithole" country will still be doing the same act we shithole nations did decades ago, who really then is the shithole nation.

dear Adam, don't relent on the truth because, fools multiply when the wise ones keep quiet. your bio got me smiling."

Pragmatic Libertarian running for POTUS 2020 to peacefully, responsibly dissolve fedl govt & #FinallyFreeAmerica!

more grace to your hustle sir

@arinzechukwu from Nigeria west Africa.

You're making soo much money off of this.

Strong words brotha✊🏽✊🏽

Hoping that youll be out soon sir.

Pray for adam to god
And our blessings to you
And you are definitely coming out of the lockup
Wanna see you soon in steemit

and a huge thank you to ThejohalFiles because that dude is pushing hard to get you out :)

The government can't be worse than this mafia! You are a threat to them, but fear does not make them legitimate at alk. I am expecting to see you back soon mate! Dear president.

I hope I never go to jail for anything.

Wow - this is an insane story. What kind of world have we become, when a person cannot speak without cutting out their tongue

I remember this guy from a long time ago on Youtube. Sucks so bad that he's in jail. I've only just seen this so I'm now curious why.

Amazing luck and amazing timing. This narrative fits perfect for a new presidential candidate running on a "freedom" platform. If I was the campaign manager and this didn't happen, I would invent it.


....and it sounds to me that that is exactly what he did. He made it happen. He wanted it to happen. He invented it for the purpose of his agenda and to make money off anyone foolish enough to give money to someone who believes in his own mind that "alerts" went out that some nobody filed to run for president and he needed to be stopped. Yeah. Sure.


Anarchists don't need leaders or presidents. The whole thing smells like a big money grab to me. Forgive me if I am wrong. I no longer trust "celebritarians." While I hope Adam gets out of jail, this whole thing smells funny. Where is the proof that this has anything to do with his presidential run? There have been financial issues in his camp in the past, too, so I'd advise everyone to not get sucked in too quickly and be wary of this type of stuff. If I am mistaken here I hope I will be corrected, but just watch out.


It was sort of evident when someone immediately posted they paid his bail, his impound fee and got his dog released but the postings kept coming for more money. Here in this country nobody in their right minds drives around in states known for high amounts of drugs being trafficked while carrying drugs on yourself with a expired license plate attached to your vehicle, it's just asking for trouble, especially when that vehicle is big enough to draw suspicion to authorities it could be a lot more drugs then just personal use. It gets even worse if you can't prove you even own the vehicle or have it insured, a definite red flag that caused the first officer to get other officers to tag him until they could get more officers in place to take a deeper look at the situation. In the back of my mind I am thinking whether his claim to owning it is true or not I would be glad to know that cops wouldn't be letting someone who could have potentially stolen the vehicle get away with here's a ticket for no proof have a nice day. I will admit filing to run for president was a nice touch to the scheme but I am with you on that one, they probably hadn't even gotten over laughing about it at the clerks office of a nobody going to run for president before he got pulled over let alone sent out a state wide search for him. You know how absurd that is when some millionaires can't even get a foot hold of notice for filing outside the mainstream political parties.

This is America for you.

Adam i stand with you on this, your freedom has come, I see you out brother and i see God blessing your struggles in life onbehave of fellow unified steemians member I pray God sees you through it all. Amen

A Permit to demonstrate and express your opinion, lol

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Nice article...Stunned by your work...keep going...Be a example of all the steemians....

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We have to fight injustice, but sometimes they are too strong.

It's like that in the whole world.

We need to join and fight them together.

why so long whats there problem he should be out by now

Your systems so different to our police state, That's an expensive trip. Wow, Sorry I dont even have a job, If i had the money I would give it you.. Share your video some of my friends can see, Bad luck man, Sorry , Stay strong.

Good! when tyranny is law, revolution is order ✊🏽

Hey guys, is there a brief explanation to why Adam is a target? I'd be glad if someone could help me :)

Good content and quite interestingly informative and a good read. Thanks

Quite the most brutal diabolical regime that uses language proficiency and media to skirt and obscure. And alas, people who migrate there seeking a better life but more cattle farming? It's easy to point finger at one North Korean leader. But in USA, it's a whole hive of interconnected evildoers that masquerade and hide behind ice-cream flavours, masking and mining the human cattle's conscience and of course resources (money saved). Plus weaponising this term called "legal or law" that so cunningly created to make their actions seem CORRECT.

Hope you can pull thru this. Though seeking legal facts, law terms, statutes, are all playing this game that is not supposed to be played.

Its akin to playing "zoigchess" the rules laid out by "zoigberg". And you cannot win this boardgame because the rules/law are flawed and sided somehow.

I hope he gets out ASAP, this is disheartening. It's like there are two different worlds- Government or anti-government. They should not have the right to just do whatever they want, that is insanity.

Be strong Adam! The justice will previle.

I'm with you Adam! Hopefully you're out of there soon and back on steemit. I'm following your situation closely.

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We need to physically be there for him and to show the SCUMBAGS there are many more of us than them!

When basic legal rights are not upheld we are obviously setting a very dangerous precedent. Media blackouts like these are in dire need of illumination. I feel for the first time we have a community in Steemit for real social change; a vehicle to propagate REAL news.

hope to see him out soon! ✌

This is one genuine abuse of power. #GetAdamReleased. We function on a shared courage. Raise hands against the oppressor for the oppressed.

You are in my prayers, brother.

Good Luck man, I live in Flagstaff pretty close to you and have been following you for a couple years. Hope you get out soon!

Adam Divine Justice will protect you ...

Let us pray for him.

Stay strong!

Thanks for information

You are out already!!! Believe and it be sooner than expected

So when the libertarians dismantle the federal government.... Think things through?

Hi Adam. We have faith that you will be out soon. I am very expectant of the day you will come back on Steemit

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Freedom for Adam!

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thanks for such a informative video

Adam waiting to see you back here again on steemit.

Bullshit. No one gives a damn who you are. If you really are in jail it's for something you did.

More on how you can get your political freedom here

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Wow, I did not know he got Locked up again. I saw his debate with Invictus, he did very well! I hope you get out soon Adam!

I stand for Adam.