TSA agents lie to avoid accountability!

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Most TSA agents are adequately ashamed of being part of a government make-work program that has never caught a single terrorist. Unfortunately for us, getting groped and threatened is much worse than watching people dig ditches and fill them back up. Fortunately, after a few conversations and a very friendly pat down, I missed my flight and get to hang out with the TSA all day!

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LOL thats ridiculous!

you just wasted money for a friendly talk, lol


@this is so funny @adamkokesh, you cracked me up real good.

Better definition for waste of money? none other than this. lol


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Ridiculous waste of money!

They who took those jobs are the lowest pieces of shit on the planet.
thank you for calling them out


Geez, it's just some people trying to earn a living. Cut them some slack. They responded to a job posting.


It is a soulless creep that takes a job groping people.

I flew a lot when I was in the us, and I fly a lot now that I am in SE Asia. I got here in 2016.

It is night and day how the security agents act. In the states I was constantly being groped and made to feel like a criminal. I used to feel sick when I was in line.

In SE Asia - they are very lax about everything and extremely nice if they do need to do any kind of search. I never even think about security until I get to it here.

Half the time, no one is even looking at anything being screened at all - I'm talking about an unmanned machine that we all still feed our stuff through. I have been told to just take my stuff and walk around the machines on two different flights and so was not screened at all.

The whole thing is such a farce anyway. If they would just identify their mind-controlled mk victims, we could just screen them and be done with it. Everyone else is just trying to get to where they are going.

And by the way - I no longer need to take off my shoes in most of the airports now that I'm here. Apparently it only in the us where shoes are weapons :)


Apparently it only in the us where shoes are weapons

I dislike TSA moron agents with a passion. They're there to have a cheap feel, well many of them. I no longer enjoy a flight everyone is so uptight and stressed... and groped.


In Australia people have been known to throw a shoe or a sandwich at politicians they don't like. I think that is an effective form of protest. I think the sandwich throwing was more amusing though. That said, TSA touched my junk on my way into the USA ten days ago. I felt like I should have become friends on Facebook after the very familiar way that TSA girl felt me up - or at least she should have bought me a drink

Keep it on record!

They have a cero percent efficiency rate!


I feel like I'm missing a joke, "cero"? Or did you miss the "z"...sorry but, I need to ask or I won't sleep tonight.

These are unhappy people. I pitty them.

All this TSA stuff is ridiculous. In the name of safety. BS.

Adam, you might get a kick out of this, just remember that their official policy is to provide you with a security screener that matches your gender identity, and your gender is whatever you "identify" as, so just tell them that you are a woman next time.

Allways feel there awkward. its crazy

if you can remember to say Steemit and youtube,
That would be cool : )

I wonder if people would go for workshops/training on how to deal with these guys?
What would happen if a whole lot of people every day just stopped complying with them?

But he's so pretty! Why is he covering his face?

Mannnn what cowards... they don't want the world to know their faces... Ha. Because it is shameful, what they do. Wish you would've kept it on longer you had em aw nervous and shit. Man, if only everyone there would be join in on your side and defend you, those spineless non-humans would high tail it out of there. Disgusting.

Good on you Adam, keep stickin' it to the man. Stay safe out there!

Cannot see the video yet... but I'm loving the impact you are having on this platform, keep up your good work. It's better than I could do.
Video just loaded... this IPFS is getting better. Awesome.

Wo Dtube is working flawlessly on my phone. The non violent revolution has arrived. Starve the best within. Goodbye YouTube.

Best post

Good work on steemit i like your post and i am new on it please vote me as you wish

It is true that you still have the first amendment, but certain limitations are in place.Agent must b mistaken.From the T.S.A. web site: "TSA does not prohibit photography at checkpoints as long as there is no interference with the screening process. anyways great shooting though :p @adamkokesh

Non American- what is the first amendment?


Don't worry about it, it doesn't mean anything anymore. The USSA has changed policies.

I've seen lots of vids where the tsa are robing iPads laptops etc an the owner tracking it down to the tha officers house An inappropriately searching kids 😡😡

Adam Kokesh, the 1st amendment troll. I love it!

That's a really cool video thanks for sharing it

I got a video of Charlotte TSA randomly searching people with dogs at the gates. They did NOT seem to keen on me filming this:

as some friends said is just a wasting of money, i'm following you to see more and more from you have a great time.

I would love to travel with you Adam.. I get so board this is interesting..

he said im not gonna admit anything haha

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I still do not understand why they find it all fun to watch one waste money.

Silly misuse of cash

Now THIS opens up a whole 'nother can of worms as we discuss what happens when AK wins in Nov '20.... Welcome to AnarchoAirport... LOL


When he and his “custodians” assume “temporary authority” over resources and property the principles of their professed philosophy of libertarianism/anarchism prohibit, it should be an interesting day indeed.

I’m just glad will never happen, as crime syndicates such as the United States federal government do not, and have not ever allowed vocal opponents to assume seats of high power within the syndicate. This is just common sense, but I guess it’s not so common. Hell, I get it. I campaigned for Ron Paul back in 2008 before becoming a full on Voluntaryist. I knew deep down he’d lose too, but it seemed like we had a real shot at the time. I don’t think I could vote for him if he ran again. He’d either lose or immediately be killed if he “won,” which would never happen, because the game is rigged. Besides, voting is always an attempt to use government force to bring about my desires as opposed to the desires of others. The whole thing is a losing, illegitimate game.

Oh well, at least there will be some sensation in the meantime, I guess, and lots of $$$$ donations $$$$ from wide-eyed followers not versed in actual anarchist literature/thought/principle or the cruel and cold realities of what the state/government actually is.

At the very least, we’ll be entertained, right?


you are tipping your hand for the debate. Thank you.

Atleast they are nice enough to use the back of their hands when they search your privates. I got a full on open hand nut grab by a police last night for going 5mph over the speed limit. The police state in this country is getting ridiculous.

After 9/11 the TSA was introduced. They stop potential threats like old ladies and children, yet, we have school shootings and we don't see any government agencies stepping up to provide the same level of security. If we can keep airports safe with the TSA, then we can keep our schools safe.

TSA policy states that you can in fact film a security checkpoint. However, this retarded sack of shit can’t put the camera straight in the guys face nor can he hold up the line. Sure, their both in the wrong, but this Neanderthal cop-blocker type is obnoxious as hell.

TSA policy states that you can in fact film a security checkpoint. However, this retarded sack of shit can’t put the camera straight in the guys face nor can he hold up the line. Sure, their both in the wrong, but this Neanderthal cop-blocker type is obnoxious as hell.

I think it was not a waste of money filming there considering what you made in 23h (almost $400) and it was interesting to see the TSA response was rather friendly. In Europe I've tried filming at a airport and they just said we call security and police if you don't stop now. No point in trying to quote anything in the constitution, that would just not fly at all.

Ive been pretty lucky with Tsa. im thankful i havent had to experience this groping and molestation people tell me about.

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