Freedom Family Takes Their First Convention

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Well boys and girls...we did it. Not only did we do what we came to do at our first Libertarian Party state convention, we did it in one of our shakiest states, and we did it with style.


We walked in with our home county of Yavapai officially organized and present (as it hadn't been for years), we brought over five new registrations to the National Party, sent new blood to the convention, put disenfranchised liberty lovers back onto the scene, and we did it with suits, smiles, and FREEDOM! pins.


Arizona has 23 delegate seats to the Libertarian National Convention, making it a decent size delegation but not in the top tier of states in terms of seats. The state hasn't filled all of its seats since the founding of the Libertarian Party there, much like most of the 50 states. This year, that changed. 26 names were submitted on a first come first serve basis, leaving three applicants as alternates.

But I'll tell you something else Freedom Family, we got every one of our 19 confirmed platform supporters in first! Including nine year old Liam Fisher, the son of Adam's Campaign Manager.

Below is a video of Liam talking to Nick Sarwark's Campaign Manager Evan McMahon, asking attendees for their support:


That's right, Ladies and Gentlemen... we have just seated a nine year old!

Liam is potentially the youngest Libertarian delegate in party history and there's nothing in Arizona or National LP bylaws that rules it out. Reflecting on the event, Adam said, “I think it's a great testament to the LP being the party of principle that we do not discriminate based on age, even though the government does.” For all our Steemit lovers and followers, you can find Liam @ironburritoplays.


Arizona was among our shakiest states on The Drive to 985. From the precinct and state committeemen process, to submission versus hand raise, to the number of supporters on the state board in Arizona. And we took it by over 80%.

In the words of Ben Farmer, Chief Political Strategist, “Arizona has some of the most restrictive delegate access and rules. And so we considered Arizona to be one of the most complicated states to seat delegates. But since we have submitted 19 of the 23 possible delegates we feel confident this trend will continue throughout the country.”

This was the first time Arizona's delegation has been competitive, and we're just getting started Freedom Fam.

Aaron Askew,
Executive Director of the Freedom Fund
Arizona Delegate Coordinator


That kid is going to change the world :)
Future president everybody

Not if we are successful! lol But yes he is going to change the world!

Kids do do and can do more than we think in many cases.

Yes! Way to go Liam, an honor to be a delegate with you!

Way to go freedom team! Was nice to meet you all!

Full support for you -make the word Freedom get its meaning back

Congratulations for the freedom family convention

I had so much fun this weekend. I am excited to be able to participate.

This is a good news congratulations for the success of the convention

There's great potential waiting to be unlocked from that kid, nice first steps!

A tip of the hat to you Sir Burrito!

I like to see you getting involved at the local level, that is key.

Hell yeah, man! That is great progress; great news!

I'm surprised the government isn't trying to keep Liam out of a seat but, certainly glad it's working out!

Also, super stoked you're free! Looking forward to seeing more from you on our path to freedom!

Great news indeed! And yes we hope they keep it that way but we will fight them if the do! And glad to be out!!

I could not be happier being surrounded by so much talent! Happy Anniversary Marc and Amber! Go @ironburrito Go!

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This post came just in time. I was just typing out a letter to unregister to vote to get out of the system and I said, "Oh yeah, I have to be able to vote for Adam!" While I do not believe in the system, I believe in your vision of the system. Letter deleted, I will stay registered.

Yes!! Thank you so much! Will be the last time you have to vote for the Federal Government!

Good job @adamkokesh I'm about to throw my name in for the NC Senate race for the Libertarian party. FREEDOM has a calling. I'm here to spread it!

Congratulations on everything Adam! Glad you're out safe and sound! This is only the beginning! Rock on brother!

Thank you so much! Yes this is just the start!

Arizona is one of the freest states in the union, so it's no wonder you did well here. Nevada has legal weed, gambling, and prostitution, but Arizona has laws restricting civil asset forfeitures, as well as other cool stuff. We lost on the last election though because the idiots voted in minimum wage. RIP living here cheaply.

please follow my....

this is nice!! While I did support your movement from the start, but at first I thought "no way so many brainwashed Americans are gonna elect Adam!", but you are actually making progress, more and more people are joining the movement, and it looks like you can win! I believe you actually have a chance of winning! Keep waking people up, and there will be a free America!!

We're glad to hear you're gaining ground already. This ia going to be huge for liberty. Congrats y'all!

Massive congratulations to you all, and you scrub up well Adam :-) seriously though, well done my friend.

So awesome!

Nice job Adam! @adamkokesh
And great to see you walking free again.

Such a great boy, I'm sure you'll someday control and change the world and become a leader of freedom around the world, I fully support you.

It is good as more get involved in making the world great again. I'm Oatmeal. Liked. Shared. Upvoted. Resteemed.

That's so cool @adamkokesh, I really photographed you and about the family life you describe. It proves a family that is very harmonious and always full of happiness. Thanks for sharing and hopefully you will be more successful for the future... :)

Go Adam!! Keep up with the carrying of FREEDOM word around.

Awesome kid! That gives me an idea....

Waoo this is great,so revitalizing and innovative

Great news! Congratulations to all of you!

Hola, saludos desde Venezuela, soy nuevo en la comunidad Steemit, ya tengo mi primera historia, mira si te gusta, por favor deja tu voto y compártelo para que tus amigos lo puedan ver

Buenas, Saludos desde Venezuela, Soy nuevo en la comunidad Steemit, Ya tengo mi primera historia para ver si le gusta, por favor deja tu voto y compártela para que los amigos / como la vean

I can't vote and not vote at the same time, but if I were forced to vote, I'd vote for Adam - and hope he gets the vote! and dumps the vote!

With utmost respect, and in all due humanity:

How/why is a violence-based nation state (the largest mafia/crime syndicate in the world) going to allow its enemy to become the leader through its own processes?

Am I the only one here wondering?

Has everyone forgotten what the state is?

Good to see you right at it. Not going to let the state of TX hold you back.

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