Adam Kokesh threatened & detained by courthouse cop

in freedom •  8 months ago

As part of his probation, Adam has to check in with his probation officer at the Santa Monica Courthouse every month. So he thought he'd film people coming out of the courthouse. It doesn't go smoothly.

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I think Adam has an addiction to being arrested....He needs help

Actually, I thought that went pretty well. It looks like you might have gotten at least one of the officers to think about the oath she swore as she was uncomfortable with the question.

Adam, try this phrase: "It's OK, we're not recording this, we're broadcasting live" that generates some hilarious results.

More ridiculous behaviour from law enforcement. Courts here in Britain are meant to be public hence the public gallery and so court property is actually public property rendering it well within your rights to film, record etc. Policies are rules within a corporation and only need to be adhered to by employees of that company. On further investigation it has been found that most of the courts here are registered companies for profit something which is totally unlawful. It pains me to see this time and time again. We need to stand together and reclaim our rights which are being beaten out of us by the nightsticks of law enforcement at the behest of moneygrabbing power mad governments. Nice one Adam. I shall resteem. Peace.

What is happening @adamkokesh? So you should be arrested.



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Good post @adamkokesh thanks for the information bro and thanks for sharing with us good job


The enforcers/defenders of the control-freak surveillance state does not like having surveillance done to them. However they have no problem protecting the institutions that run surveillance on everyone, including the geniuses wearing the badges that are continually referred to as "heroes!" It's completely laughable!

never knew about this
thanks for sharing such an educative post

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I love this Bro...... Thumbs up

this is turning into a police state.martial law is coming.

Nice post, there is nothing like freedom. I wish him well.

Great content 👍

An apology is a contradiction of character. An apologist is a person without character.

Keep up the good work.


An apologist is one who explains something. The word is misunderstood because the root word's meaning changed and the other is stuck in the past


An apology is only issued when one doesn't believe in themself, and as thus is a contradiction of character. Someone who constantly apologizes is a complete fraud as they apologize for all they do (or something another does, meaning they believe themselves inferior to that person and are consistently apologizing for what they believe to be institutionalized wrongdoing by their superior) and therefore stand for nothing.

The old saing "talk is cheap" comes to mind in this instance.

Hey Adam do you ever stream on dlive? I do a weekly streaming schedule and I am also starting a 24 hour stream channel and I am interested in including some of your content.

Message me on discord if you would like to talk further. Thank you!

Nice post my frends

I wonder how it will be interesting

nice share
thank you

I hope he is doing fine now


Thanks, I am! This is old. Just adding it to the blochchain.

“until you become completely obsessed with your mission, no one will take you seriously. Until the world understands that you're not going away—that you are 100 percent committed and have complete and utter conviction and will persist in pursuing your project—you will not get the attention you need and the support you want.”
― Grant Cardone.

Thank you for all is amazing

Thanks for sharing the news @adamkokesh
And you are right everyone need freedom, a person can do anything what they want until they are not hurting someone
If you are not hurting someone then you can do anything

I am from Indonesia I love you @adamkokesh. Follow me @yasir123

Some lazy and non-committed cops will lie about what your rights are. You DO have the right to film the police as long as you're not in their way. You DO have the right to film on public property as well!

I don't blame the cop for his reply, there's been a couple cops who have said things in jest and got fired for them recently. If he mistakenly said something on camera he could find himself being flashed across the never ending feeding frenzy of the none stop twenty four hour news cycle leading to his crucifixion and job loss. I did see Adam stopped announcing himself as the presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party though...which is a title one gets when the members vote you as such not a self delegation, maybe they had a little talk with him when I sent a email over to them asking if they got all the thousands in donations he was telling everyone he was turning over to them.

So amazing guy i love it

Wow Wonderful post dear

Very Awesome

Who knows what the full law is? They make new laws all the time. I am a libertarian. If you say " have a nice day" to a libertarian, he says "don't tell me what to do"

Hmmm.....adam i will try my beat...

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"This is Court Property" funny I thought it was Government Property which means it's Public Property. I also noticed a Security Camera mounted on the building. So apparently it is ok to record video, but just for them, not you.
I thought Law Enforcement Officers were there to ENFORCE LAWS. Looks like they are now POLICY ENFORCERS.

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We don't need you bitches on our streets
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Fuck the Police

I really love the way that they detained you for questioning, and you ended up questioning them, and then made them so scared of being broadcast in fear of loosing they're jobs, that they ran off. She couldn't even recite her oath. That is pretty bad, bud at the same time, the court cops are pretty much security guards, so maybe cut them some slack. All law enforcement officers SHOULD know the law, but even most lawyers and judges don't understand the full code of law in its entirety. Law is a complex organism. Especially since the law is ever changing. Still not an excuse, I think you positively influenced them in a strange way, and they will now be forced to study the laws they need to know. Hopefully they understand the real reason why the must do that, and don't just do it out of FEAR. Great post bud, keep up the good work. Much love.