Thanks, can't wait to watch!


The man himself, well his voice at least..

Stay strong Adam!

Such a shame!

Wow! What a crime Adam!

There is great irony in someone who openly campaigns against the States initiation of force against those who do not harm anyone having the State initiate force against them. The State routinely provides self advertisement for the abolishment of the State. If the last week has taught anything, it is that there are currently two classes of citizens in the United States; the politically connected who live above the law, and the rest of us. Imagine what would happen to you if a court ordered you hand over your text messages and you told them you accidentally deleted 50,000 of them. There is no greater threat to liberty then government its self, especially Deep State agencies that operate under separate laws. I don't agree with everything Adam promotes, but I will happily associate myself with someone who is such a champion of liberty.

Are you really in jail? That's pathetic, I'm so sorry, you will definitely be free and your campaign must stand. Didn't know you could have an interview from there, how can we help make this video go viral?

Not so well this news for us, we want to adamkokesh always sty of freedom..

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Mac Dre recorded the first album from behind bars. Kokesh should do a spoken word album from behind bars.

Kokesh!! Once a prisoner? Or currently a prisoner? Well, which ever it is,prisoners are listeners, listeners are achievers and those that tends to achieve finds themselves at the climax of everything...


It has been over a week now... what’s goin on?!

either we stand on principle or we do not stand at all

Thatcher was a ruthless Neoconservative who ripped the heart from many English and Irish communities.

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

This is insane!

#FreeAdamKokesh what a way to go Adam. We stand with you. stay strong.
You are an ideologicalthreat for somebut you are an inspiration for so many. resteeming. Please keep posting and stay in touch. Kudos to you

Where are all our texan freedom friends? Why are they not surrounding the jail in protest for Adam? What is going on with this movement that no one shows up for support?

We're still in the wild west I think.

Hang in there, Adam!

A nice post

Beautiful video

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Great interview Josh. Wow.
Prayers for peace. Love light and blessings to the good people. ❤❤❤

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Waiting for the video..

I know what he is trying trying to do but, just record the interaction and say "I don't answer questions" "Am I under arrest am I free to go?" Until they let you go. If they try and pull something say "Officer that statement is patently false and an outright lie, are you now trying to fabricate probable cause and false allegations against me?" Is it worth all this bullshit. Do we need another example of how the cops are criminals? Our time is important.

Our government is always talking about Freedom, Democracy, and Justice, but all I see from them is Death, Destruction, Corruption, and Tyranny!

When I was a kid in school, I used to put my hand over my heart and Pledge Allegiance to the Republic of the United States of America. I absolutely DO NOT pledge allegiance to the tyrannical few that control us now!

I'm glad your ok. Man of principle.
Stay strong!

It was my understanding that there is a time limit on when charges had to be filed by and when an arraignment had to take place. Of course then again it seems like there is a certain group that basically does whatever they want with impunity. Good luck Adam!