A Step By Step Guide To End The Drug War

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Cartels raping and murdering innocent people, our government pushing harsher yet mandatory sentencing laws on hippie kids, drug addicts being treated as criminals because they can’t get help for their addiction for fear of being outed to the police, college kids watching their friend die of overdose because they are too afraid to call for help and get their lives ruined. The drug war. We are all too familiar with the scourge that was released on us when then President Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs.


Richard Nixon could not have possibly of known the full devastation of his plan when he used his federal powers to criminalize huge swaths of the American population. One of Nixon’s aides, John Ehrlichman, was quoted saying, “We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”. Nixon was literally using his power as president to quell public dissent by starting the drug war.

Even though the malign origins of the drug war is well known, this gross misconduct of our federal government has only gotten worse. The federal government uses its power even today to force states into obeying its agenda. Only recently have we seen states begin to pluck up the courage to fight back against this tyrannical force by legalizing cannabis. Senator Jeff Sessions and President Trump still have the audacity to not only publicly continue this horrible drug war, but to embolden it even further.

Time and time again the people have tried to live in freedom and not suffer from victimless crimes. Unfortunately, the voice of the people does not have as much power as it used to. Our federal government is far too entrenched in its own power to bend its ear down to the people. The way to get rid of the drug war is to legally dismantle the federal government. You heard me correctly. We have to end the heart of the corruption.

Step One

Educate yourself. If you want to be able to do what is possibly the greatest feat in this nation since claiming our independence, you need to know what you’re doing. Learn about the drug war. Read the statistics about how it is our government causing Cartels to become more brutal and causing our sons to grow up without their fathers. It is our federal government sending soldiers to Afghanistan to guard poppy fields for heroin supply. More importantly, learn how to end this corruption.

Step Two

Educate others on the drug war and how to end this corruption. Did you know that currently there is a candidate running for Presidency that will end all of the federal corruption? I don’t mean “draining the swamp” or other platitudinous remarks. I mean taking the powers of the federal government and giving it to the states. Letting each community decide their own drug policy based off of science and reason versus basic corruption. That man’s name is Adam Kokesh. He wants to be elected into presidency so that he can dismantle all of the federal offices that leach our tax money and stab us in the back.

Step Three

Actually vote. No, I mean it. Form groups and go to the voting polls in 2020 and vote for Adam Kokesh. With a pen and a ballot, you can bring this sickening corruption to its knees. It will be done and over with if we just go out and vote.

A new era of rational thought, love, and community can arise from the ashes of this drug war if we want it to. None of the steps that I have listed are difficult. It is all within your control. So the next time you feel as though this country is rotting from the inside out and there is nothing you can do about it because you aren’t free, remember it’s as easy as one, two, three!

By Michael P. Wood - Tech Coordinator

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Very interesting that Trump made such a point on eradicating opiates. Doesn't he know the CIA doesn't like interference in their dealing?


Trump slurs words, he must be on something ....opiates? just a puppet show.


He probably isn't on drugs, just dementia.


CIA = Cocaine Import Agency


Mena is a good place to start learning about the drug business. Then, the book, Drugs Inc. Also George Webb has some eye popping info on youtube on a variety of vice.


To be fair, importing cocaine is, like, the one thing the CIA does that we can all agree is just wonderful, no?


no i wouldn't say so.




I sometimes forget that sarcasm on steemit goes over about as well as a fart in a crowded elevator.

While we’re talking drugs, though, the liberty movement could really use a big collective bong-rip and some Enya tunes.

It’s ok to lighten up a little.

The State tries to take away most of our happiness anyway.

No reason to go full 100% dour with the little bit of joy we’re able to secretly hide away.


He would have to read the memo first.


The CIA has moved on to Chinese fentanyl.

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We are not going to fix anything, operating within a centralized system, which only presents us with a loophole for power abuse and corruption.

We are better off adopting a decentralized way of doing things, if we really want to rid ourselves from abuse and corruption itself.

We have a lot of fields of drugs in morocco exactly in Ktama



The exact reason why it's not stopping because of some who makes profit out of it.


NEWSFLASH - That is NOT a picture of "drugs".
Sounds like you've bought into the BS, hook, line and sinker.....



I support what you're trying to accomplish, but not the way you propose we do it. Having a weak centralized government just doesn't work. Remember the Articles of Confederation? Didn't work out too well, did it? I also fail to understand how you think state governments are any less corrupt than the federal government.


The founding fathers still want a small central government. Also the Article of Confederation failed because there was no unified trade, currency and had to ask state to for money. If they had free trade, used gold and silver coin as the national currency and had something like a 20% tax on state revenue, then it could have worked better. Also congress couldn't pass laws so we have the same government system now but change it so only national issue become laws and leave stuff like moral issues to the state.


This is really lovely. I hope posts like this get to reach the right people. Buh more can actually be done than just a political onslaught

I do think that taking drugs is the wrong choice and people should not do it. However that's my opinion and opinions should not be made law. If somebody decides that they would like to smoke pot....let them, especially if there is documented proof that it helps with symptoms from various medical conditions. I believe the war on drugs seemed to be a noble thing decades ago however it has become rife with corruption.


Smoking drugs or weeds can be fine as long as no life is endangered or abused. We all know what comes after pot session mostly( rape or crime). Let's let the next generation live in peace.


It was never a noble thing - it has always been about power and control..


You are probably correct

I would love to see the dope dealers that are behind the opioid epidemic find themselves in jail like I did once for selling dime bags of pot.

Ending the war on drugs would probably be the biggest move towards more freedom in the US outside of abolishing the state.


Really? More of a move towards freedom than the abolition of slavery, women's sufferage, or the Civil Right's movement?

I believe desensitization, nulling, and legalizing drugs will decrease the current crime tied to it. Look at the autobahn in Germany a highway with no speed limit, guess what, almost no one goes over 70 or 80. Same with drugs if legalized it will just become a mehh thing, who cares whatever type mentality.


u rigth

Good article. The war on drugs needs to go. It also negatively affects all international travellers who must submit to border control. On my way back from a friend's wedding in Hawaii, TSA agent touched my balls! I could have been a drug trafficker, or a terrorist. Meanwhile USA troops are guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan, and terrorizing arab nations with their drones!


freedom & nice post......


Thanks! It's my goal to move people from apathy to active freedom!


Thanks! I hope my post will build confidence in people.

So TRUE - thanks for sharing!

Pharma Afghanistan.jpg

A plant is not a drug, period.


Agreed. Let's have a real war on drugs, against big pharma.

great Step to stop the drug war

Easy as 1,2,3, love it!

Adam Kokesh? This guy literally used to work for Russia Today America! A Russian government-run state media outlet. For an Anarchist you sure do like literally working for a government...

The drug has failed to do anything but create a big black hole for tax dollars. It doesn't reduce use or availability of drugs, it puts police resources on non violent drug crime instead of violent crime. The legal drugs like tobacco or alcohol or prescription drugs are far worse than weed or psychedelics but I support the legalization of all drugs. If crack were made legal tomorrow I wouldnt do it, it's not the legal status that stops me from doing it. The idea everyone will do it if it's legal is contradicted by the fact very few people huff glue in spite of its availability. Legalization would end cartels and street gangs and stop the dangerous practice of cutting drugs.

People need to know the "real" ins and out of this drug war. I will definitely be #following to see your next amazing blog.

#follow back

If you are running Im definitely voting...this is a nice post

No DRUGS, No War, spread the word for humanity 😊😊😊❤❤❤❤

If you are running Im definitely voting...this is a nice post

All of goverment's wars on anything is about power and how to increase that power. They have not won any of these wars; they never intended to. Their aim was to create divisions amongst people thereby making their power over us easier to implement and maintain. If I was an American Mr. Kokesh I would certainly vote for you.

The biggest concern about the drug war world problem is about the ignorance and the passive aggressive state that we live in, not wanting to sound hypocritical but people always think that these subjects will be solved by someone sometime soon instead of educating themselves and to speak up for what they believe in as a benefict like a soft drug...

please in my judgment yes, i am new in steemit

Step 1. Smoke out
Step 2. Locc out
Step 3. Profit

the proposal is interesting

it is the government itself that is the drug cartel. and yes, i concur that the military is used in Afghanistan in guarding the poppy fields of which they use the funds for their covert operations that are being done domestically and abroad.

I enjoy and I learned from this reading. Nice point. Our Philippine president is also became known for his campaign about WAR ON DRUGS, protesters insisted that our current administration committed extra judicial killings, drug addicts were killed, drug lords and pushers were also killed. Rampant of crimes being tackled in the national media and even international media... still they could not provide a substantial proof about the killings...but the people who voted our president felt satisfied of the so called "cleansing" or other called it "overhauling process" from the drugs and also on rampant corruptions from different agencies of the government, proven corrupt government official were ousted from the position. That made 16million Filipinos happy. "The ends doesnt justify the means" might be true. But people cant afford toto see infants being raped to death, women were gang raped, some were robbed and killed, even boys, old women and gays and more crimes were committed by these people under the influence of drugs. Extrajudicial killings for me were absolutely done by the conflicting drug syndicates killing the weakest link and possible loopholes of the syndicates. Just my 2 cents.

Step 1: Never vote GOP

US Government are the biggest drug dealers in the world. Never heard of this Adam Kokesh but will be looking into him now.

Hola, saludos desde Venezuela, soy nuevo en la comunidad Steemit, ya tengo mi primera historia, mira si te gusta, por favor deja tu voto y compártelo para que tus amigos lo puedan ver

Buenas, Saludos desde Venezuela, Soy nuevo en la comunidad Steemit, Ya tengo mi primera historia para ver si le gusta, por favor deja tu voto y compártela para que los amigos / como la vean


Plz finish to drugs

I do like the idea of self ownership Thank you for posting , very enlightening.

to be free, is as easy as one, two, three!-@adamkokesh

I definitely think there are more steps that could be taken that would also help with many other issues as well.

If the government is so worried about the drug wars, how come the CIA themselves were caught smuggling drugs multiple times?

Trump can go fuck himself in his sandy little vagina! :-)

I loved it but still don't agree with some points otherwise i would share it on my profile @sumaanraina

If there is a drug task force operating in your state, city or county, participate in its hearings or meetings. Find out what they are advocating and whether or not they are taking a balanced approach. The focus now is typically on opioid overdose and the focus is often on treatment and making naloxone more available. You can influence the effort by informing the task force of the harms caused by prohibition and get goals and strategies related to reducing those harms added to the task force recommendations. Here is a link to the Milwaukee City-County Heroin, Opioid and Cocaine Task Force, which I am trying to influence.


Another way to fight the drug war is to counter the addiction as brain disease metaphor. The Brain Disease Model of Addiction (BDMA) theory is used as a justification for the search for a genetic cause for addiction. Please see my article at https://steemit.com/disease/@paulmozina/is-freedom-a-disease. Characterizing a person’s choice to consume a substance as a disease, possibly one with a genetic origin, forms a building block or justification for continuing and expanding the war on drugs, albeit, from a more humane perspective. This approach typically advertises destigmatization of the substance abuser, but rarely if ever include decriminalization of their actions — an important contradiction that needs to be pointed out.

This is a rough subject. On one hand we have people using drugs and on the other hand we have people being put in jail for using drugs. All I can say is that this is a tough situation that I don't have the answers to. I don't I plead the fifth.

luar biasa tulisannya @adamkokesh

Well put Adam, I think (hope) that more and more people are waking up to this though. One thing I would like to add to your post though is that it is also a class distinction war. Whilst your average Joe on the street may get 2 years for possession of cannabis, how often on the news do we hear of Hollywood celebrities, in and out of rehab, like a stoner at 7/11 every time Tim Tams are on special. Do they get jail time? No! It's, Oh poor Miley, she has a problem, she needs help, she needs our support.

Smoke D M T !♡

kalau di aceh di sebut daun ganja(bakong)
daun yang dulunya buat tukang masak,maka orang sekarang salah di gunakan,daun yang di cari oleh police @adamkokesh

Greetings from Venezuela
Sorry my english are not good but I will give my opinion.

There are two reasons to reject the criminalization of drugs. The first is ethical and has to do with defining the role of the State in society. Human beings live in society and we create the State to execute certain activities of common interest. But the State should not be involved in issues that strictly concern the individual: among these issues is the consumption preferences of each person.

If I admit that the State has a guardianship to tell me that I can not use cocaine, arguing that it is harmful to my health, then I also have to admit that the State has guardianship to tell me how much salt, refined sugar or red meat I should consume; has guardianship to prohibit cigarettes, beer or motorsports; and if we take the argument to its logical consequence, I must admit that it has guardianship to decide on the education of my son and force him to learn Chinese or Mandarin, when I as a father would prefer that he learn English or French.

There is another reason, which is practical. The fight against drugs has not only been disastrous, but also counterproductive. Today more people die in Mexico because of the violence that the fight against drugs generates, of those who would die for the consumption itself if the drug were legal. If the drugs were legal, the Colombian terrorist group FARC would not have the monopoly that gives it sustenance. If the illegalization of the drug is aimed at less people dying, then the remedy has been worse than the disease.

The fight against drugs has allowed the birth of mafias and cartels that infect society and the State, permeate all institutions and exacerbate corruption; It has encouraged the trafficking of arms that sooner or later end up in the hands of local bandits and kill innocent people who have nothing to do with trafficking or the consumption of narcotics.

If all the violence, death and corruption that the fight against drugs generates had as a reward for their effective disappearance, then those who defend the penalty would have an argument in favor, but the reality is that it is possible to find drugs in any country in the world.

@adamkokesh, how do you convey this message to people who are so plugged into the system that they resist the truth you are trying to give them? That is my issue.

As long as the United States of America is not clear with the so called system inside of the country itself, there will be no help for innocent people dying every day for some cause they only care about. Imagine it like this. So there is a life of a human being. Next to it comes the great responsibility to maintain that life with some purpose. So what they do? They give You a false purpose and they do not give You any time to even think about real problem which is usually right in front of You. So the next step is that people really do not care even if they see half of it. Because they are already washed away by the system. On the other side, every law is made to have something opposite to it. So, there are people doing things opposite to laws. They created the system which is actually self-sustainable. Not any agency is fighting for the cause. There is always something more for them in every war they create. Picture this- Human being is the only living being that leads the war against its own !

Step 2 is great........all the steps are but step 2 is epic.....we need to educate people more about drugs...Thanks for sharing this...

Prescription drugs replaced with the healing herbs will change the world.
Drugs are gateway to awesomeness but that's only my opinion. Too much of anything can hurt so be wise and as you said - educate yourselfes.

The drug wars will end only if there is both government and mob against it

I dont really think thats all it takes to end something as big as this. What can we do about the third world countries. They dont have any proper education, some of them dont even have internet. Besides many people benefit from trafficing, they are aware of what they do. Countries like Ukraine are among the leading in corruption, where everyone is involved in selling or buying drugs.

Ernst & Young (in 2012) put Ukraine among the three most corrupted nations of the world together with Colombia and Brazil.[4] In 2015, The Guardian called Ukraine "the most corrupt nation in Europe.

I think the only way to get rid of drugs is to make the country more wealthy, to do that you must put an end to its corruption.
Many countries like costa rika dont even have a choise in the matter. They dont have any other income in their country and they have no other means to earn a living.

nice post, follow and upvote, pls follow back

nice post, follow and upvote, pls follow back

Just like how your country tries to establish and promote drug war, my country is also facing the same with our current President. The goal of our government is to lessen, if not totally eradicate, a number of many drug users, drug pushers, drug manufacturers, drug lords, or anyone related to drug abuse. It is because they are not just harming themselves but also harming others who are innocent. If they surrender themselves to the government and promise not to engage in such horrible act again, their lives will be spared but if they won't, they'll really get killed mercilessly like even if they're just walking along the streets, they'll get shot by someone. Yes, there are jails where they can be detained if they won't really stop engaging themselves into drugs but considering the large number of those kinds of people, the jails will really be full and the government will be burdened in feeding and taking care of them inside the prison cell. That requires a lot of budget. Sadly, my country cannot afford much it's because it's still progressing. That's why I heard a lot of rumors saying that it is the reason why government is having this term called extra-judicial killings, killing drug personnel who are not surrendering themselves despite being reminded.

That's how drug war is done in my country. I don't even know what should be my stand about it. There's a part of me that says, "They're also humans. God created them and so no one is righteous enough to take that life away from them." And sometimes also, my mind says, "I guess it's somehow fine so that they can no longer influence others even more to be dependent to drug use. Maybe the criminal rate in the country will lessen if they'll be gone forever." It is very sad. I really don't know what should I feel.

I believe that it's not only me who has these kinds of thoughts whether killing drug personnel is good or bad to obtain peace and order. It is really something that many people are not in favor of.

Right now, our government is still doing it but so far, what I noticed is the killing slows down. Maybe the drug addicts, pushers, drug lords, are cooperating now with the law. I hope so.

I believe with all these steps the changing will be effective

You raised a very nice topic but it is the fact that people are taking drugs even after knowing that it is injurious for health,i don't know why they don't try to understand,

We are at the time where people will listen and help. Thanks for the content to help the awareness.

Thank you for this post - I absolutely love the 3-step guide!

However, personally, I believe that the term "war" suggests that a "peace" is achievable. I think such a notion grossly underrepresents the mission at hand.

While ending the war on drugs with a success is an optimal goal, I believe that it's more about damage control. We can't exactly "end" the drug war - we cannot win the war on drugs any more than the Cartel can win the war on counter-drug agencies.

Damage will be done by both sides, but ultimately it's all written off as "acceptable losses".

Just wanted to clarify that from a realist perspective haha


Jury nullification is awesome too. If the state can't convict you because no jury will convict, these stupid laws would all die.

Good luck this country was built on cheap labor and drugs lol

Follow the footsteps of the Netherlands! One simple solution: make them legal (not the devastating opioids I'm talking about)! Look at them,their prisons are almost completely empty!

We'd never have a war on drugs in the decentralised-voluntary-participatory-republic of Steem.

It is very important to understand what happens in society, we must pay attention to the causes that make people look for dorgas as a means of temporary escape, resolving this the way to end the war on drugs is easier

The reality is that for the drug situation to be as it is requires complicity by the government and police on a particular level. That is reality. Everything else is propaganda and hopefulness. Terminal Cynicism of leaders and politicians is the only way out, everything else is too convoluted and involved for the Herd.

This Is bold indeed. If only it were so easy. Well maybe not “easy” but if only it were this understandable and comprehensible. Unfortunately we live in a world of sheeple.