The Health Freedom Hub Interview with Adam Kokesh

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Watch more videos from the Health Freedom Hub here:

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waaw this nice job @adamkokesh, i agree. You give a gift in what form. and I see you are very concerned about your country. You have struggled to build your country through steemit. it's a very good and positive thing for many people.

What's the issue between America and the federal government?

thanks for sharing @adamkokesh, are you from america and i really agree to that.

Hey!! It's very good post !! Thanks a lot for that!

AK: Every time I see you explain the "Split 50!" prescription to someone, I become further inspired. It's really hard to find a "downside"... and believe me, I have been trying! But the #1 aspect which is the "rocket ship" in all this: DIFFUSING THE "ARGUE" BUTTON WITHIN THE LIBERTARIAN MOVEMENT.

In the socialist/fascist world, you can choose your "50 shades of purple between the red and blue extremes". In Libertavia, you can choose 50 shades of grey between the "black and white". All debate within the LP now has to go to the state and then to the county level. Perfect. Flawless plan.

It will be most interesting to see what transpires in Texas with Patrick Smith carrying your exact banner in the race for Governor. He has 254 counties with which to work. Pick one and stop arguing!

Interesting, i will check out the links. Love hearing topics about health.

Great one the videos debate @adamkokesh
The main hub where all the free market and free market health organizations, providers and consumers meet. These videos are your chance to meet the top players in the push for more freedom when it comes to your health care. Welcome to the future of medicine
Thanks for this @adamkokesh

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yeah be freedom!

When there is state there can be no freedom, but when there is freedom there will be no state.

You can tell Adam really cares about people! And, wants to see them free from oppression!

wow, very nice post(Adamkokesh) thanks

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