Genevieve Bush dies in Fraudulant Guardianship Chester County Pennsylvania Judge Katherine Platt

Yesterday on June 16th, Mary Bush got a message that her mother Genevieve Bush was dead. She had been incarcerated at Green Meadows in Paoli Pennsylvania, we believe this was murder. Genevieve Bush was the wife of Fabian Bush a WWII veteran.

Genevieve Bush was kidnapped from the home her husband had built by Pennsylvania Department of Aging on May 18, 2015. Genevieve Bush was a victim of the the Chester County "Justice" Center, her own attorney became a judge, then signed orders to take her freedom and home.

Once she was captured by the state of Pennsylvania she was never again allowed to use her dentures or walk again, she was isolated from her daughter and most likely drugged into submission. Genevieve Bush has suffered medical neglect, sexual assault, humiliation, isolation, mental anguish and financial exploitation condoned and enabled by the CORRUPT Department of Aging.

Genevieve Bush never got her in court, her voice was never heard, her constitutional rights which her husband fought for in WWII were discarded and trampled. Genevieve Bush's doctor never even was heard, a fraudulent diagnosis was given to her by the court, not a qualified medical doctor.

Mary Bush would ask that instead of telling her you are sorry, to please share the articles written on her mother and create awareness of the Chester County Courthouse Racketeering Ring.

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