A critique of @freebornangel.

in freebornangel •  10 months ago

@freebornangel. You claim to be an anarchist, working under the motto of "stop paying, keep working." If people don't get paid for working, and instead can have everything they want – well who was critisising consumerism again? You claim that no, instead the community will enforce the rules – ah, good old lynch mobbing brought back to life (wonder if a court might be a slightly fairer method). In my short, and pointless, arguments with you I've discovered what it's like to row a boat with one oar – you go round and round in circles. You keep claiming how we've all been manipulated, and only you know the truth about the word and that you've got society completely figured out. Have you ever heard of humility or modesty? Let's face it. Anarchism is litterally a free market. It's when there's no government to regulate anything, to prosecute criminals and to keep big corporations in line. 

You're now claiming to be a communist. Let's see how this goes, shall we?

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good theory


too bad we have hundreds of examples of social anarchy, and none of """""""anarchist"""""" capitalism

anarchy is the destruction of unjustified hierarchy. Private property, the basis of capitalism, cannot exist without a state.

Private property is an outside force controlling the means of productions, naturally those who labor on the means of productions control it themselves. That only changes under a state.

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