Steemit Raffle #1

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Good evening fellow Steemians!

I want to start a new Raffle/Lottery Round here, but because I do not have much Followers it will probaly not get very viral!
So i just wanna try it out!

How does the Lottery work?

I will pick 3 random comments (number is the number of the comment posted in chronological sequence) with
The prices are as follows:

1st Price: 40% of the Posts SBD Rewards.
2nd Price: 30% of the Posts SBD Rewards.
3rd Price: 10% of the Posts SBD Rewards.

Prices will be paid after i received the Posts rewards (7 days).
When this grows and will have some sustain I will pay the prices after 24h!

How can you participate?

Very Simple:
Just upvote the post AND Comment !

What happens if 2 or more people choose the same number and win?
The price will be split between them.

I hope you will enjoy this and we can share some Rewards in the Community!

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