Results: Dr. TLK_ SBD 💲 and LOVE 💓 share # 28_ Feb 19, 18

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The winners of # 28 sharing episode are:
1- @eceninzz
2- @rayne122
3- @nelinoeva
4- @mineopoly
5- @imsteinsbrother
6- @wdoutjah
7- @braveheart29
8- @vegaron
9- @chadrona
10- @ninahaskin
11- @irastra
12- @febradaytamarra
13- @geeyang15
14- @yjovannie
15- @catweasel
16- @mhshadhin
17- @syafrizal
18- @florencegail
19- @joveanz
20- @paul.atreides

Thank you all for following the New rules of sharing the SBD and for your support 😊.

The SBD💲 payout of this post = 1.404/21 (including myself) = 0.067 SBD

To everyone else who voted but didn't follow the rules, I hope you will get it next time .

Many Thanks to @qurator, @make-a-whale and everyone else who voted generously to increase the reward pool

...Till Next Episode!

Dr. The Leaping Koala 😊

Logo by @orcheva

If I forgot anyone by any chance please don't hesitate to let me know 😊


Congratulations to the winners! I personally knew some of them. Steem on! 😊

Thank you @theleapingkoala, great to see my name on the list.

You are welcome @wdoutjah,

Keep steeming actively :D

Thank you @theleapingkoala :) for sharing the love :) its great to see my name there :)

You are welcome @joveanz,

Keep steeming actively :D

congratulations to the winner 😊

Indeed @s3carlo

Keep steeming actively :D

It's nice to see my name their lmao. Thanks a lot @theleapingkoala

You are welcome @chadrona,

Keep steeming actively :D

Did I just see my name there? Yup it's there alright. Thanks a lot @theleapingkoala!

You are welcome @vegaron,

Keep steeming actively :D

Thank you for this curating effort. Even without the reward I found that promoting on your curation comments increased post interaction that made things really fun. Thanks a lot for hosting this.

You are welcome my dear @mineopoly

Although I don't interact much lately with everyone, I am always happy to see the interactions and comments :D

Thanks @theleapingkoala for this opportunity :) more power..

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