Where are the borders of the Free Speech?

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I guess you've already heard the term "Free Speech extremist", mainly because of Paul Joseph Watson. Do you think you value free speech? And how serious are you about that?

These questions are following me all the time, because I chose to call myself free speech extremist too, and I'm not just copy pasting Watson. I'm not sure if anyone really understands the term.

Being extreme means you'll allow any kind of thing you're supporting, in this particular case, all kinds of Free Speech, or everything that might look like free speech. But what does it really mean?

"I'll kill you!" A bit extreme I know, but in someway it's still free speech, it's expression of a person about you. The law here in Czech Republic says difference. This is not allowed.
But why? Have in mind that I'm not glorifying these actions or something, I'm just taking it from the philosophical way.

If this action is followed by physical action, like attack, it is illegal. But what if I shout it on someone in game? Hah, catched you, didn't I? In the practice this could mean, that the police could track you and arrest you for complaining in the game, or conversation, if there would be sufficient resources. I know, it's rude and everything, but let's be honest. The games are made for this, it's fun, and if you're taking it seriously either way, you probably shouldn't be playing it.

Back to the question. What is my opinion?

As I dare to call myself a free speech extremist, I proclaim that the free speech must be absolute. Although the mankind might not be ready for such a thing, but that's a different question.
So, should you be able to threaten somebody? Yes. It's not really something constructive, but it's still your opinion. It's on the person you insulted, how it deals with it. (Ban you in discussion, insult you back etc.)
Basically, who physically attacks first, lost. Intelligent people are able to deal with this, believe or not.
But the very difficult thing comes now...

"I know where you live! I'll go there at night and cut you with a knife!" Well this case is concrete, let's say he knows where you live, he just said that and threatens to kill you concrete way. This should already be considered by the law enforcers. But can you really arrest him? He didn't do anything, did he? Words don't kill people, they don't even harm them, if you're not weak-minded.

I wanted to show you some extreme cases, because the "fair use" shouldn't be even discussed. Although the modern world has a bit different point of view.

So, what do you think? Are you still on the free speech's side?

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