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If you are familiar with Cryptocurrencies, you are probably familiar with earning coins through mining, but what about farming?

With mining, you use all of your computer's resources to help support the network and confirm transactions on the block chain. When farming, instead of storing the network on your drive and confirming blocks, you just set up a small operation of watching videos and listening to music to earn cryptocurrencies, except you do NOT have to actively watch or listen. Besides mining or cloud mining, it's the most passive method I know of to generate coins.

And when it comes to mining, if you don't have a fancy rig, you can download an app for your phone or desktop which can set you up with a mining pool. I like the fact that I can run it on my phone on low and still earn a decent amount of coins. It also helps that I have multiple devices that I've held onto throughout the years, so I can now finally put them back to work for me. Next step is to build/acquire a solar panel to power my phones. Even with as little power as they drain, it would save me a fair amount of money/energy in the long run.

If you want to learn more about how to get set up with a passive coin collection, visit me at my CryptoCoin Farm!

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