Introducing CoinBundle: The best way to invest in CryptoCurrencies for a new investor. Sign up now and get up to 15,000 tokens free (over $900 dollar value)

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Why invest with CoinBundle?


Our expertly designed bundles of cryptocurrencies minimize your investment risk by distributing it across a range of assets. Despite its growing popularity, investing into single cryptocurrency is highly risky and not recommended.


Purchase all the currencies you want in one single place. There is no need for making dozens of exchanges to balance your portfolio anymore. Better still, set your portfolio on auto-invest to deposit a fixed amount into your investments every month. The new era of 1-click investment is here.


Our experienced crypto-financial experts design our bundles carefully, putting a lot of parameters into the consideration to produce the best investment results for you.


And yes, it’s all free. No membership or transaction fees.

Utility of CoinBundle Token


Some functionality on the CoinBundle platform (such as creation and marketing of custom bundles) can only be unlocked after reaching a certain amount of CoinBundle Tokens deposited on the user’s account.


Exclusive offers from our partners and higher cashback options are available to CoinBundle Token holders.


Facilitating both purchases of bundles using fiat as well as a transfer of currencies from one bundle to another on the exchange.

Get early access and up to 15,000 tokens ($900 in estimated value)

Want to get more CoinBundle Tokens? Help spread the word and invite your friends.

You will get 100 tokens for every friend that signs up or up to 15,000 BNDL ($900 estimated value).

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Good post. Signed up for airdrop too.