**Free Resteem to 1.8k followers**

in #free5 years ago (edited)

Hi Steemians

Today you are able to get a free upvotes + resteems to 1.8k+ followers. What you need to do just follow the rules below. This post will be able for 3 days, after 3 days will be NEW POST FOR RESTEEM

Rules :

1 Follow Me
2 Upvote this post
3 Resteem this post
4 Put post link in comments (One entry per follower)


What do you get:

1 Free Resteem (to 1.8k+ followers)
2 Upvotes from my followers
3 A follower


Vote+FOLLOW and I Will Vote+FOLLOW U back ;) + for resteem send 0.1 SBD + topic link in memo


Thank you for the resteem!! I appreciate it so much!

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