Why you need to achieve FREEDOM?

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True freedom abordes a couple of things: money, material things and relationships!

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It is really important that you don't diminish money and material things as part of the reward of becoming free.

Becoming free it allows you to choose, choose about the kind of home you live in, the kind of car you drive, all these cool stuff is FREEDOM.

But it is FREEDOM how you make your day, what time you wake up, wake up when you finish sleeping, doing work that mean something to you, doing things that enhance your life, give value to your life, spending time with the people who are important to you, so there is a lot of freedom with that.

When you achieve FREEDOM you achieve also security, you need to have security, you don't want to be at mercy of some boss that can laid you off, you don't want to be at mercy of some changing in economy or in your industry, you need to have the security knowing your bills are paid, your home is debt free and you can provide to your future.

If you are poor you can not help anyone else because you even can help yourself.
When we are poor we are missing the mark that our Creator, the energy that created us, the force that created us given us.

We supposed to be free, we supposed to be healthy, we supposed to be happy, if you are poor you are placing a burden in other people, in society to meet your need and if you are poor you can't really contribute to society in a full manner. If you are poor you can't help charities, you can't contribute to noble causes, you can't do good work and you can't help others.

There is no shame in being born poor, lots of us born poor, a lot of you reading this born poor, I don't think there is any problem be born in poverty, what is the problem is to stay in poverty, because is an insult to the force that created you, for you to be born in poverty and stay in there, to be born in sickness and stay there, born in unhappiness and stay there, that is an insult to the force that created you, with all the incredible inherited potential that is alive in you and you just only need to uncover.

But also for you can transform yourself like I wrote in the book TRANS4MATION it's up to you! you need to overcome the victim mindset, you have to let go be a victim and you have to transform yourself into being a victor.

You can be a victim or you can be a victor but you can't be both, you have to choose one or another.
How can I know if I'm being a victim? Well if you need to ask yourself that question the answer is probably you are. How do you stop being a victim and transform yourself into a victor? The answer to that question is a simple answer: You decide to.

Don't forget that money doesn't make you happy, material things doesn't make you happy, I agree that material things doesn't buy happiness but money and material things allow you FREEDOM of expression and is that FREEDOM of expression that makes you happy.

The most powerful benefit of you becoming free is who you have to become, is the person you have to become to create FREEDOM.

So have a great week, be amazing and don't forget to be FREE!

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