Free follower which upvotes your content daily!

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Hey guys, I will be trying to post daily on Steemit.

That is a great news, I will not only do daily posting, but also following more audience, commenting and giving free upvotes every day!

  1. Follow me, I will follow back you!

  2. I will be upvoting your future content daily for free!

Enjoy and resteem!

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I voted you you also upvote and follow me okkk


Hey bro, nice to meet, +1 active follower for you!


Can you give ur whats up num.


Sorry, I do not use whats up :(


Hey buddy, nice you joined! + active follower for you!

  1. Quantity of upvotes is NOT what matters. The upvoter's steempower (SP) is what really matters. As well as the voting pover % of the opvoting person.
  2. The begging types of "follow-for-follow" is the most annoying thing to me. I always ignore them (at least), and the most bad beggers i do flag. These things brings nothing good to steemit comunity.

I fully understand how Steemit works. I am building a Steemit whale account (with huge SP), which will sell upvotes for Steem/SBD in the future. Steemit rules allows doing this.

@randowhale votes with currently 204.304 STEEM POWER; once you send him 1 Steem or 1 SBD and in the memo put the link to the steemit post you'd like the account to upvote, it'll upvote with a random voting power between 1-100 percent. You could wind up getting a 10 cent vote or $20+ it's basically gambling.

I think it is pretty good idea and fun service.

What do you guys think about it?