#96 - Follow For Upvotes

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DAY 96.png

Updates: from now on @followforupvotes will upvote each follower only once day! Sharing the the votes more evenly! Enjoy!

Upvotes will go out at random to any followers.

@followforupvotes is simply an experiment for fun.

Each day the voting weight will go down by 1% starting at 100%.

All earnings will be used to power up and grow the account.

Account will stay above 80% voting power.

Followers Updated Daily

Every day one user is picked and reviewed, if you post spammy posts @followforupvotes will remove you from its voting list.

Bot will randomly upvote followers while maintaining Voting Power above 80%

Current Upvote Weight: 4%

Want bigger upvotes? Resteem and Upvote!

Please note: This account will not follow or comment. No hard feelings =)

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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this is really nice from you i like it

I am new in steemit
So plz help me to give your important vote
and comment

This is a really cool service you are offering, thanks @followforupvotes. Us minnows need a bit of a boost.