#224 - Follow For Upvotes

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FFU 224.png

Upvotes will go out at random to any followers.

@followforupvotes is simply an experiment for fun.

Each day the voting weight will go down by 1% starting at 100%.

We went all the way down to 1%

Each day the voting weight will go up by 1% starting at 1%

We went all the way up 95% and think it's time to open the gates and share with as many followers as possible.

All earnings will be used to power up and grow the account.

Account will stay around 80% voting power.

Followers Updated Daily

Every day one user is picked and reviewed, if you post spammy posts @followforupvotes will remove you from its voting list.

Bot will randomly upvote followers while maintaining Voting Power of around 80%

Current Upvote Weight: 8%

Want bigger upvotes? Resteem and Upvote!

Please note: This account will not follow or comment. No hard feelings =)


Thanks information post


Thanks for the great initiative. Upvot and restemed.

Thanks for this, upvoted and resteemed!

Thanks information post
Upvot and restemed

Upvote - Resteem
Go ahead!

Upvot and restemed

very good post

Upvot and restemed