#200!!!! - Follow For Upvotes - 200 days and 3000+ followers! Surprize inside!

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FFU 200.png

200 days and 3000+ followers! Amazing! Been quite and interesting experiment. The bot will be upvoting away at 100% until it reaches 20% voting power! Thanks to all who followed and took part!

Will be looking at comments and one lucky winner will win a 100% upvote role from @followforupvotes, FOREVER! Surprize me, make me laugh, make me cry, give me a reason, anything goes. If the bot randomly picks you that is... So instead of the normal % you will always get 100% upvote, for as long as this project is active. =)

Upvotes will go out at random to any followers.

@followforupvotes is simply an experiment for fun.

Each day the voting weight will go down by 1% starting at 100%.

We went all the way down to 1%

Each day the voting weight will go up by 1% starting at 1%

We went all the way up 95% and think it's time to open the gates and share with as many followers as possible. Decreasing the Upvote Weight to 5%

All earnings will be used to power up and grow the account.

Account will stay around 80% voting power.

Followers Updated Daily

Every day one user is picked and reviewed, if you post spammy posts @followforupvotes will remove you from its voting list.

Bot will randomly upvote followers while maintaining Voting Power of around 80%

Current Upvote Weight: 100% until we reach 20% voting weight then we will slowly build back to 80% Voting power at 5% upvotes.

Want bigger upvotes? Resteem and Upvote!

Please note: This account will not follow or comment. No hard feelings =)

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I wanted to say congrats and thanks for the upvote and great job building a following a joke to make you laugh hmm.

How does Nasa organize a party?
They Planet!

@followforupvotes is giving away
A 100% vote for ever to say
Who will be the winner?
Who will be to gain?
This gift is just promised
For good to remain... :P

Just a silly 1-minute rhyme...

Follow this account
On the earth
Like angels
Like angels
On the earth
We didn't see anyone like you.

For your upvotes
On Steemit,
Rise many steemians with your help.

Under these conditions,
Preserve you from selfish accounts,
Vertically we'll increase our value
On this website
To all my friends,
End of the story will be very good.

i'm waiting you like that @followforuptoves Screenshot_2018-01-16-02-31-18-1.png

Nice package for we newbies

I'm feeling lucky right now hahah. I'm getting my hopes up hahah. And I'm calling deities haha. Pick me plss haha

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get an upvote of course!

this is gonna be my day

Very interesting. I upvoted.

I'll be your Huckleberry.

congratulations to you . good luck .

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
picking me is the right way to go ;)

I hope im the one will get that :( :( huhu

Congratulations to you.

This Is fantastic, what a wonderful job you do for the Steemit community. I have had upvotes from you on occasion and It's very much appreciated.

I am gonna be the RichBitch

Upvote, resteem, and HODL!! Here’s a picture of Betty White doing a dab: D34DC771-6E1B-436B-A4D6-C30C0108176A.jpeg

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This is amazing! Hope i would be that lucky one crossfingers done upvoting btw 😊✌️



Don't know what to say.

Congratulations! I hope I could do even half as well...

I am feeling esteemed if I managed to be that much lucky! Lol


Upvoted ☝

I had received an upvote once and it was such an amazing feeling. Thank you and continue doing what you do:)

beni seçersen seni öperim kardeş en büyük jestim bu

Trying to keep my head above water as a photographer... It would mean the world to me if you would support me @followforupvotes in my efforts here on Steemit. Dreams can be made. I am determined.

It will be a great feeling for me if I am been upvoted by @followforupvotes, even as a learner on steemit

3000 that is impressive!