Imagine being able to help real Venezuelans caught in the humanitarian crisis? [Mission: Agua-Possible] is making it happen!

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Country-wide blackouts, famine, disease, hyperinflation, foreign military intervention, and 2 leaders who each claim to be legitimate - Venezuela in crisis!

The world's attention has been focused for weeks on the political and economic situation in Venezuela, with lies and propaganda on every side. Meanwhile, as we have for over six months, Mission: Agua-Possible is progressing toward our goal of 1300 USD (in STEEM), for a well pump to bring water up to the family farm of @edgargonzalez.


Severe economic and political crisis over the past few years in the South American country of Venezuela intensified recently, as president Maduro doubled down on his currency manipulation, price-fixing, propagandizing citizens, and suppressing resistance. You've heard about the country's recent turmoil. But the world's media isn't showing us even half the reality!

I began to see more and more Steem users from Venezuela, and I started to hear their interesting stories - and ask questions. I discovered some dark truths about the economic and political situation there. Most shops are empty, the currency is worthless, people are hungry - the economy is at a standstill. Theft, corruption, and violence escalate as society breaks down. Millions are fleeing on foot - if they can. The harsh socialist government attempts to control/fix the economy, and blames problems on the people. Most government services (like running water) work only in certain areas - or not at all.

The people are desperate for any change and protests sometimes fill the streets for miles. Maduro announced that Venezuela will no longer accept US Dollars for oil exports, then tried to get his country's gold back from Bank of England, who refused. The Russian military has become involved, supporting Maduro. The Americans back a previously-unknown man called Guaidó. It seems that violence may be coming. Stability for the people seems out of reach.


A few months ago, I found the blog of Edgar (@edgargonzalez), a Venezuelan man about my age. He's a father of young children, and a professional whose job disappeared because of the crisis. He feeds his family by fishing, foraging for fruits, and growing cassava on his late-father's plantation. He uses Steemit to share his stories and earn Steem to buy food. Shortly after I met Edgar, a power outage caused a failure of the pump used to bring water up to the farm. A repairman confirmed the pump is beyond fixing. Edgar had been using his well to water his crops, and to provide drinking water to his children and other families in the neighborhood. Without a pump to bring water up from the aquifer, his gardens have withered - and the neighborhood must forage for water elsewhere.

( Edgar this week on the state of public works. )

Without government water services, and now without water from his well, Edgar and a few other families are in a tough situation. I wondered what a poor Canadian man could do to help. After using the Steem blockchain to learn about the problems, I realized that it could also be the SOLUTION!

That's when I first began Mission Agua-possible! Once we gather 1300 USD worth of Steem, I'll transfer it to Edgar, to be converted to cash to buy the pump.

Getting this pump for the farm as soon as possible is vital. Water is life!

An attempt to get MAP noticed seems to have failed

Last week, noticing posts with little content get a lot of upvotes, I tried a new tactic. Upvotes were about as bad as they ever are, so clearly I've got more research to do before understanding the psychology of asking for support in helping a fellow Steemian.

Luckily, the post generated a couple direct donations - thank you @dividebyzero and @girlsofgreen!

Resteems help get new eyes (and upvotes) into the project, so thank you if you're able to resteem occasionally.

Much appreciation to those who upvoted last week:

Week 27

week 26 funds: 180.597 Steem

new funds:

  • week 26 post payout = 0.049 SBD and 0.107 STEEM POWER = 0.214 Steem
  • 5.0 Steem direct donation from @dividebyzero
  • 1.0 Steem direct donation from @girlsofgreen
  • you can send me Steem directly and your donation will be noted here

Total funds: 186.811 Steem

x 0.472 USD/Steem = $88.17 USD (of $1300)

Current progress: 6.8%

We had a week of 'gathering momentum' before (hopefully) another big week coming soon! The recent jump to around 7% progress was awesome, and it has been nice to see us not lose ground since then.

Upvoting this post is appreciated so much! 100% goes to the project.

Mission Agua-Possible will help many people, and inspire other great projects. It's a group success story, playing out on the Steem blockchain. Together, we're going to dramatically improve the lives of a whole neighborhood that really needs it!


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Two ideas and a (P).

Delegate the amount already raised to a vote bot that you don't already delegate too. That way the amounts are easy to keep separate and track of. I recommend @tipu and @ocdb.

Reach out @fundition and @steembasicincome. I know that SBI has a lot of unclaimed voting, maybe they could steer some votes to this project.

You might also ask @aggroed if he would sponsor a Steem Monsters tournament with an entry fee where to the entry fee is donated to this cause.

Best Regards,

Well I can keep upvoting and resteeming the weekly post!!
Every click does help!

Resteemed to my generous awesome followers.......
also upvoted of course :))
good luck Edgar!!



Thank you for the supportive upvote - that gets the week off to a nice start :)
The momentum continues to build, thanks to you!


You’re welcome. I follow Edgar too and am familiar with his story. I’m glad to help.

Upvoted and resteemed! This is such a worthwhile effort!


Thank you again for your support and help!! It wouldn't progress without people like you Melinda :)


My pleasure! I have missed out on seeing your posts recently. I'll try to do better!

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Guaoo such lovable labor... I am Venezuelan to... and I know what are you talking about.. so I lived every day... hope you get the total amount
Thank you

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