Free ERC20 - Double-Drop Two Coin Twofer - CST and AOT double airdrop

in free •  last year

I've written another post about how not to take any of these alt coin airdrops on Ethereum too seriously, but I do think they offer a great value to beginners. Each airdrop is worth about $5 of free tokens, and if you get a lot of referrals, you could actually end up with a nice bag of coin. Its fun and great practice to use the wallets, trade coins with friends or on exchanges. That being said, here are 2 to get you started. That's right, double drop! Follow the links below and get your own referral link. You'll literally get hundreds of coins, and you'll know when the next one is ccoming. Follow the link below and tell them CryptoHawk sent you! 💪🤑💰👽

AOT token airdrop link

CST token airdrop link

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