Fee ERC20 token airdrop in 18 hours will be traded on Cryptopia

in free •  11 months ago

Thats right, pump token. Sheesh the name even hurts. But notice no dump at the end... or is that just lacking in name only. Get 300 tokens free for signing up, joining their Telegram group, following them on Twitter and retweeting the airdrop. Also you need a valid Etherem address to get the tokens since they are ERC20 compatible. It has also been announced they will be listed on Cryptopia just after the airdrop. We shall see what happens. I'm going to claim my $4.00 worth of tokens and trade them around just to see what they are like.

I've been registering for a lot of these new alts that offer free tokens just to learn more about wallets, exchanges, trading, coin platforms and such. It's not a bad idea, there is literally nothing to lose. Try it, if you follow my link I'll get a few extra tokens as well, much appreciated.


I'm glad to see more tokens offered on the ETH platform, but I used to take it as a sign of a quality coin. It still means they are using reliable code and programming, but no longer means the tokens on the platform are of any particular quality. That topic is for another post however!


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