300 Cubits ERC20 Token Airdrop - get free tokens

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As you may have seen recently there are a plethora of tokens being airdropped on the Ethereum bockchain, 99.999% of which are completely worthless, maybe more. Buuuut they are all basically being offered for free if you participate in the airdrop process. Ultimately you have to join each airdrop via each token's website, however there are a few main platforms to join to get access to all the airdrops available.

One of which is AirDropAlerts.com who offers a link to almost every drop I've come across. They have linked the most valuable forks like BCH, XLM, TRON, QTUM, Byteball, and other popular cryptos. They have also linked a bunch of trash I wouldn't want my enemy to claim.

I don't blame them for the crappy tokens they offer, and I have signed up for a bunch of the airdrops they advertise. You just have to know the difference, and you never have to invest anything. I don't register for all the airdrops, there are just too many. I also do not invest in a vast majority of offers, I simply claim the free tokens. To be a little more specific, I've probably registered for 250 tokens easily, but I've only invested in 2.

That being said, each of the tokens offered is about $5 - $20 and gives users a great introduction to wallets, sending coin, even understanding exchanges and how the fees work. It's much better to learn what a 30% fee feels like when you go to send your 500 CrapCoin tokens you got for free than when you go to send some BitCoin and realize you don't have enough with a 30% fee. (By the way, BTC transactions fees have dropped from the $3 level to the $.03 level in the past few weeks).

Vitalik designed Ethereum as a platform where anyone could creat an app, good and bad. Just like all our computers and phones have iOs, Android, Windows, or some operating system, anyone can create an app to run on that platform. Most apps suck, we don't even know about them. A few rise to the top carrying a few loyal supporters along the way. I will not miss that train.

So get your free airdrops, take 30 minutes and claim the top ten. It's really easy and at most you will lose 30 minutes of your life. I've learned how scams and successes work, and that is more than all the tokens value combined.

The drop graphic above is for TEU token, which has a free airdrop going on now. There are so many others listed, go there now and check it out. Links to the featured drops below.




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Good information sir


Good luck! Hope you get lots of free coin 💰💰💰


Nice! I have a couple of those, but definitely a few new ones I will grab with your link. Thanks!

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Followed! I like your drops! lol