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Honeygain is a program that opened in May 2019 that pays it's users for bandwidth. You can set the software on your Android, PC, or IOS. You can install the app on multiple devices.

The following text is available under FAQ on the HoneyGain website:

"What does the Honeygain app do? Is it safe?

The app facilitates proxy services to third parties, such as data scientists, Fortune 500, and other trustworthy companies.
Is it safe? Yes! Your security is important to us. And as the queen bee knows her bees, we know what every partner uses their network for.

Is my personal data safe with Honeygain?

100%. We don’t keep any data of our clients. The only data we will have is what will be necessary for the service. This includes your email address, your IP address and your chosen payout methods.


I just installed the app myself and made a few cents while I went out for coffee.

That main downside in this program is the $20.00 payout. That may take some time for some users. It is passive an I haven't had any issues with my devices freezing or slowing down. Of course I will post an update once I have reached payout and been paid.

Currently payouts are done via Paypal.

They do also have a referral system. It is simple. you earn 10% of the people you referred in. You of course do not have to refer to earn. I have included my referral link in this post.

Join Honeygainhere if you want to earn with me :)


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