How to get unlimited crypto coins for free

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There are websites called faucets that can provide you with unlimited free crypto currencies. These faucets offer you some coins in return for visiting the site and watching the ads on it.

To be able to claim from these faucets, you need an account with It is free to join. Once you opened an account, you have to link your wallet addresses with faucethub. When this is done, you can claim from all the faucets linked to faucethub. There are plenty of them. Here is a list with all the faucets linked to faucethub.

A good strategy is to select the best faucets for you and to claim from them regularly.


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For several years I have been running websites called faucets where I give away cryptos for free to people willing to take them.

I love to share my knowledge and to help people. I dream of a world based on love, tolerance and equality, where we build our future together, helping each other.

My cryptocurrency faucets. Get free coins every hour:

Dash Faucet.jpgPowerdoge.jpgLemondoge Faucet.jpgPowerlitecoin.jpg

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Thank you for this!
My little laptop couldn't view either video but I could listen to the audio on IPFS.
So, with the faucet pages it's a matter of watching a few ads, then clicking on a claim button to have the coins sent to your faucethub wallet and there are limits to how often you can do that, set by each faucet? It sounds like something easy enough for me!
Again, thank you!


Yes you got that quite well. It's not very complicated ;-).


I think you might have opened a whole new world for me! Thank you for taking the time to explain it in a way I can understand.

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Thanks for being here!!

will try the faucets once