Snax Accounts?

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I got a message asking me to join this Snax thing. I have to make a post to sign up so that what this is. Does anybody have any insight into what I'm blindly signing up for?

I want to link my Steem account with my account on Snax blockchain using
Please, create Snax account for me!
My authentication hash: 23a76daaf04533285c57f979c3bb643c55f7327589616b6fe8b9c926b904daf9

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Howsdy sir madgoat! I've seen it and thought about it, still thinking about this and Palnet. There's so many things that people say to sign up for and I haven't signed up for any except esteem.

They say the best way to get rich from crypto is to get in early and then forget you have it for a few years. In that sense, this is a good option for me.

Yeah, I love the idea of not having to do anything!

LOL I am just commenting here hoping to find an answer too!

Sorry to bum rush your post but I managed to find some info on it via the @snaxteam account. Apparently, users get rewarded based on how much attention they get. Theres some sort of rating system you can find here -

It’s cool. Nothing wrong with some bum rushing. I saw the rewards part. That’s why I signed up. I was more wondering if it was legit or not. I’m a little skeptical after that steem-dice catastrophe going on right now.

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You wouldn’t be a good crypto person if you weren’t a sceptic! Your post made me login and check I’ve been collecting mad rewards and for the past few weeks! Wonder if they’ll be worth anything one day

Not much to lose really! Oooh I like drama where can I go to find this stern dice drama

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Go to @themarkeymark’s page. Apparently some dice game guys had a bunch of people invest in their game and they just emptied out the account and ran.

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