They had to make the authenticantion post top level and look spammy af did they?

in free-snaxaccount •  3 months ago 

I want to link my Steem account with my account on Snax blockchain using
Please, create Snax account for me!
My authentication hash: 32ac72fdae795f665dabb3ca606a03b1a0cdf00de6ab271d7bc961ad06c61fbc

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Yes 🙈!

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Of course they did.

And I probably won't be authenticated because I made this.

Lol are they butthurt?

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I actually have no idea how this process works.

Hi, @enforcer48, I am from @SnaxTeam. You can make post about what you want
and add your authentication hash from and tag free-snaxaccount. In a case of problems contact our Discord channel for support. You can read more about Snax in our whitepaper or in this review for example