For SNAX airdrop.

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For detailed information, please see @cancerdoctor's post.
It's last day of SNAX airdrop, and I luckily knew this by my friend.

There are so many platforms which want to use blockchain system.
Like publyto having a connection with EOS, SNAX made a connection with steem blockchain.
I expect these kind of relationships would appear more and more.

And it means we should take care of too many platforms and need management tools.
Or few platforms take all.
Experiments surrounds us and we should see which changes are effective.

SNAX didn't conduct ICO.
So, I am wondering what SNAX team wants.
They will collect SNS information(steem, twitter) but as you know, the information of steem blockchain is opened to anyone.
And I don't think they can get enough users through twitter bounty program.
(But I have skin in the game through steem bounty program....)

I wish SNAX and Steem would become a good partner for each other.

I want to link my Steem account with my account on Snax blockchain using
Please, create Snax account for me!
My authentication hash: 0271b948c326d057882dc0521bc222882f5d9b963ebbe2e2c149759f5abf2975



Also found out about it just last night and apparently today's the last chance to join in, lucky us! 😎
I also wonder about snax's buisness model,
I'm thinking it might be about the token's future value -
We get to reward content creators cross platform, they get a token that is likely to hold and increase value as at least some of the platforms it supports will survive, it's creating money out of nothing, rolling a non-valued token into the public hands.
From their F.A.Q:

...Noone doesn’t set or control SNAX price anyhow. Therefore we can’t guarantee that SNAX tokens will have a price eventually. Usually, the price of a crypto asset is defined on a free market, based on the activity of network users.

What's your take on this?

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I am learning about SNAX airdrop for the first time. Thanks so much for this information. I am going to follow that account for more details about it.

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I don't really know much about the SNAX airdrop but I will learn it soon

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