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Today I’ll talk about a completely new enterprise, another stage with enormous potential, something extraordinarily important to change or make changes to the blockchain.

Blockchain is gaining strength in our time, and despite for all the advantages of the blockchain, there are disadvantages. The existing blockchain system is accompanied by huge computational costs and a low number of conclusions, organization models cannot cope with the billions of interactions that the IoT gadget performs every day, problems of a low degree of exchange with each other and expensive travel costs. The current blockchain has suffered from each of these problems and requires significant changes. Consequently, FRED intended to successfully eliminate each of these weaknesses; its response offers an exceptionally adaptable function for sorting the data received in its system.

It was launched on its own blockchain in September 2018 to promote the wider adoption and production of alternative energy by consumers and the financing of energy device research (FRED). The project expects to translate its goals into reality by switching to ERC-20. Ethereum tokens and token sales to come up with funds for your future projects. FRED Energy is likely to become a key player in blockchain green energy projects.

The second interesting side of the development of the FRED Energy project is the growing popularity of electric vehicles today. Today, one can observe such a trend of the mass transition of car manufacturers and oil industry giants to an electric vehicle. The pace of this demand is increasing every year. This is directly related to social and economic changes in the world.

Another important role is played by the environmental side of the issue and environmental issues. We all know about global warming and can directly observe climate change and the appearance of phenomena that are very unpredictable. This is not just about climate change and CO2 emissions, but the global issue, as air pollution contributes to 4.2 million deaths per year. You can also notice that the media is paying more and more attention to environmental issues, the introduction of environmental modes of transport and sustainable lifestyles. You can get more information at

Principle of operation

FRED tokens will be used through the Fred project platforms, which will initially consist of a market and electric vehicle charging stations. Tokens will be used to purchase goods and services as part of the platform team’s plans in order to provide the possibility of paying for the use of their charging station for electric vehicles with FRED energy tokens along with conventional methods. To enable a simplified exchange method, the team is considering introducing FRED loans (FEC), which will have a certain value in relation to services and products in exchange for FRED tokens.

The main goal of Fred energy is to become an independent SRO, which will conduct research and identify emerging consumer-oriented niche markets. This particular electric vehicle charging market is growing rapidly, and it has great potential if you choose the right business model. Fred Energy plans to implement its projects within twelve months after the end of the token sale.


You can talk a lot more about such an innovative project as FRED ENERGY. But in order not to delay the review, I leave all the necessary and important links below in the description. There you will find all the necessary answers to questions that arise during the study of the project. In conclusion, I would like to add that the FRED ENERGY project did not arise by chance and not from scratch. When there is a big demand but there is no adequate supply, such innovative projects always appear. In the near future, you can expect that the FRED ENERGY project will prove itself and bring profit to its users and investors.

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One of the most astonishing projects currently around! I am totally in awe of the ambitious nature this initiative emanates!

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