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Future of space travel: Bigelow shows off bold plan that's out of this world

The latest space-piercing concept launching from earth: A commercial, one-rocket space station that could carry astronauts to low-earth orbit, the moon and even Mars.

Secret to Great Pyramid's near perfect alignment possibly found

Though slightly lopsided, the towering, Great Pyramid of Giza is an ancient feat of engineering, and now an archaeologist has figured out how the Egyptians may have aligned the monument almost perfectly along the cardinal points, north-south-east-west — they may have used the fall equinox.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot will evaporate in little more than 10 years, astronomers say

When it was first measured in the 1800s, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot was an enormous four times bigger than the Earth.


i wonder it there is anything that comes comes from fox that i should believe. am just saying.

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