More THIEVES on Steem Blockchain? Be careful with bidbots... Don't use @booster! Here is why...

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Hi my Steemian friends!

I gave it many thought before writing this post, as I usually don't like to be public about my disappointments or the stuff that I find unfair or unjust, but following the series of things that have been going on I felt I had to because I think this is destroying the spirit of Steem community. :(

I never was a big fan of Bid Bots. Actually I was invited to participate in a couple of them and I never did, because I don't think that they are a good thing for the Steem ecosystem. But lately I started to use them on my posts about DSound community updates because it is the only way to get a post on trending in Steem nowadays, which is sad on it's own but it's the way things are!

Yesterday I was confronted with the story of @fulltimegeek: We have a THIEF on the Steem Blockchain -- Don't use BUILDAWHALE !!! and many others that I read lately and I got worried about this trend...

This post is not to talk about the @fulltimegeek situation, as I don't have many information on that and I don't even know the guy... but I find strange that people jump on a flag war without any further investigation! And mainly I find strange that in +1700 comments on that post, no one talks about the fact that @themarkymark is using @buildawhale blacklisted bids to fund his other project @ipromote with other people's money! This is a fact, I didn't make this up:

Although I respect @themarkymark for the many good things he did on Steem community over the years, I have to manifest my uncertainty on the fairness of this situation, because the @ipromote project is not in any way related to removing bad content or spam from the platform, but another bid promotion service that he runs! Now I ask what is worse, biding on bid bots to a link post or keeping other people's money to fund his own other projects? Well, this is a rhetoric question because, as said, this post is not about that situation, just giving my factual 2 cents on this...

Maybe I'll get flagged and/or trolled as well... if there's still hope for this community, I sincerely hope this won't happen!

Steemians are becoming unfriendly too damn frequently! Greed is becoming the norm here, trolling is now the way people disagree about anything and even censurship is now accepted! This is so fucking sad! :(

Well, moving forward to my case...

Last week I posted another DSound community update, this one calling for delegations, so I had to use bid bots to make it appear to as many people as I could, as nowadays is the only way to get people to see our content. So, I sent many bids to the bigger bots in the @yabapmatt's SteemBotTracker website, which let's us direct our bids to many bots and follow up what their doing. Here is the bid I sent to @booster:

As you can check on my account, neither @booster voted my post, nor it refunded it or reply with any information. Well, I am a developer and I know quite well the code of @yabapmatt's postpromoter bid bots, as I am checking it to get ideas for my new DSound Love Machine community promotion bot, so I could understand that the bot got stalled somewhere and wasn't responding to any of the bids... so I patiently waited for the bot operator to resolve that situation, alerting of that in the latest post of @booster.

Nothing happened for days, but then @booster disappeared from SteemBoTtracker website, and I started checking directly the bot API to try to find more information, so I saw that my bid and others were on the next_roundlist, so maybe they would still be run eventually... but suddenly later on, they got removed by the opperator and the bot started a fresh round without any of the bids that were there left hanging to the next round! As @yabapmatt can confirm, this list doesn't get wiped out without human intervention, as it is saved in the bot state to disk, so this was intentionally done by someone!

I have to say that at that time the bot didn't have any "OUT OF SERVICE" message on it's page, as you can verify on the Blockchain by the transaction that updated the @booster account or the post informing that here:

As you can see this happened only one day ago! So several days after my bid or my messages that you'll see below...

Facing this, and still without any reply on my comment on the latest post of @booster, as you cann still see here:

I started trying to find anyone to talk to about that, mainly on the SteemSpeak Discord server, as the @booster bot belongs to that community, or the community admin @fyrstikken. The people in the general chat had informed me that the bot operator was @thedegensloth, so I sent him a private message, here is the full private conversation:

So I went to @fyrstikken and sent him a private message as well, that he took days to reply, after several messages I exchanged with other members of the community in general chat, only to insult my intelligence with this:

You can see that I sent him the conversation with @thedegensloth as well, so no excuse for this reply...

So, I am still without my 20 STEEM and these guys don't give a fuck about any of this! Sorry for my french but this really pisses me off...

It's not about the 20 STEEM! In fact I am not richer nor poorer because of that... but it is a question of fairness and this climate of kaos and general disrespect for others in the Steem community that I really find disgusting!

I think that this wave of "if you have huge stake you can do whatever you want and get away with it untouched" kind of mentality is slowly killing the Steem community, and this makes me really sad!

When I joined Steem community, almost 2 years ago, it wasn't like this! Otherwise I would probably not have joined it, nor developed DSound or the DSound Tribe community in here...

Please use this post to re-think about Steem and what it is becoming... This is not intended to generate any wars, but more a community brainstorm about these issues and how to avoid continuing in this direction!

If this is what the whales, and their sheeps, want to Steem, like a stake weighted KAOS, then maybe I am one of the few "aliens" in this community that want's it different... :(

Sorry to bring this sad post to you guys... But this is getting too far...

Peace and Love <3



See what I got by raising my voice against all these bots, bot owners and unscrupulous whales?!

Now one team upvotes and another team downvotes, like two kids comparing their dicks sizes, sorry for my french.

But they didn't have balls to start doing it on the post, because there they would become more visible... Well, maybe they will now!

Welcome to the kindergarden! 🚸 This is the state of Steem... 😔

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The fights breaking out between whales are not good for Steem. There is a lot of money at stake with their vote selling these days. It's a shame that it is taken as normal to buy votes now as the opinion of the community has less influence. I see people buying big votes on every post and they don't seem to understand why others might not like that. Still, if these people do not serve their customers well they will lose business

Unfortunately, not only (but also) the bid bot owners are to blame for the current situation, but at the same time so many other Steemians who are using them.

See what I got by raising my voice against all these bots, bot owners and unscrupulous whales?!

Now one team upvotes and another team downvotes, like two kids comparing their dicks sizes, sorry for my french.

This comment probably will get the same treatment as the other one... but they didn't have balls to start doing it on the post, because there they would become more visible!

Welcome to the kindergarden! 🚸 This is the state of Steem... 😔

Yes, indeed, sometimes it seems immature kids are reigning this ecosystem ...

It's sad to see this. A clash of egos over a platform that doesn't even exist for most people. Big fight in a small pond.

It's a flawed economy that only really benefits a few, but people will go for the quick profit. I care more about making Steem sustainable, even if I make less that way. I'm not desperate for the money. The current flagging war is not helping matters :(

I care more about making Steem sustainable, even if I make less that way.

I know.

By the time they had lost enough business to notice, this entire community will completely destroyed... l hate to admit this, but hope is vanishing on me... :(

We have several types of users. There are some who have been here ages and know what it needs to grow, but we also get new ones who are still just trying to make as much as possible, but any means available. There are also long term greedy people. We have to hope enough care about making it last. All the new dapps may help. Steem is still pretty small as it is.

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I am sorry our service has caused you so much grievance. When I am repaired and operational and working again - you will be refunded according to the blockchain after an audit.

Thanks for the refund @booster! Although it is sad that it only occurred due to my post... you had many opportunities to do it before, but didn't care about it as shown above... :(

But I still don't see any other refunds to the other people that also lost their bids! Are you going to refund those too? Or just me because I made a buzz?!
I think it is great to have the decency and frontality to make right what you should have done, and apologising for it, but please make it right for everyone that lost the bids, as they don't deserve being penalized by the incompetence of the bot operator! What is fair will always be the right option... :)

Just so that you know, if you didn’t, below is a comment of @transisto with a lot of bids that were also ignored by you. Please refund those too, as all other bids of people like us, that sent them and got nothing in return besides a bunch of time wasted trying to contact you... thanks!

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THIEFS is not a word, the plural for thief is thieves.

By the way, I fully support @fulltimegeek here, I never really liked Steems Bid Bots, nor their owners.

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"convesed" is not a word you motherfucking halfwit retard.

Tie a cinder block to your leg and jump in a pool. Do your family a favor.

Thanks for the correction, as I am not a native speaker of English language... I do my best, and thieves is not a word that I write a lot, thankfully! :)

No worries, I know your native tongue is Portuguese. And sorry for being such a grammar nazi.

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U fully support 16000 spam posts in a day as well? Copy n pasted aolp.

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I wish people would stop all of these bullshit services that single-handedly killed Steemit.

Yeah... all this strict economic crap started killing what was really nice community... :(

That's not even what bothers me. It's just that it was possible to make money here at one time.

Some of these bid-bots are just getting too big. Their masters are becoming too powerful. Even worse, people are making posts just to bid them up for a quick return, not even to get attention to their 'content'. It's why they are so upset when they don't get their ROI.
Anyone who looks at Steemit quickly sees posts trending in 'all' valued for hundreds of dollars. Then, they want to see what all the attention is about only to find someone with a rep below 50 with less than 1000 SP. The person has no apparent allies or curators and is just posting something uninspiring (to use kind language) with little to no purpose having tags that are so broad and general.

What really disgusts me is this tendency of doing whatever they feel like just because they have a huge stake... there’s no sense of fairness or non-aggression here anymore! :(

great article and i took frystiken off my following a while back people in general are untrustworthy but there are a lot of good people here such as yourself
dont give up
cheers and i hope you get your money back
have a great day

Steem community used to be like that... but it is speeding fast in the opposite direction... I can’t accept these behaviors from anyone, specially whales, witnesses or any other community builders that should have a say on this platform! Shame on them! :(

I've never liked bid fetter on steem's development.

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Completely agree... :(

Steemians are becoming unfriendly too damn frequently! Greed is becoming the norm here, trolling is now the way people disagree about anything and even censurship is now accepted! This is so fucking sad!

That's so very true. I just sit back and have a good laugh at them.

Looks like we can't even speak our mind without getting bullied. Lmao.

Unfortunately Steem is going in that direction... :(

How pathetic is this.
This is why I pay small amount for bids coz you never know it is get eaten and then you have to stumble here and there asking for repayments.

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This behavior is sooo uninspiring... :(


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Esquemas my friend esquemas...
São opções de vida...
A essa gente desejo (desculpa, eu nem sou muito de asneirada mas vai ter de ser mesmo à tuga 😁) que lhes nasça um eucalipto no cu!!

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Tens toda a razão! Mas há árvores mais espessas... ahahah :D

Thanks all folks

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Steemians are becoming unfriendly too damn frequently! Greed is becoming the norm here, trolling is now the way people disagree about anything and even censurship is now accepted! This is so fucking sad! :(

Yep, isto. Parece uma daquelas novelas mazinhas... que são cada vez mais frequentes!

Yup... :(

Interesting... the only time I heard of @thedegensloth was when he ran an ICO for the launch of “Zappl” a while back, which was supposed to be the Twitter of STEEM.... the Zappl tokens that were originally sold to fund the project were absolutely worthless and unredeemable... and I don’t think the project ever became successful

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That @thedegensloth was the operator... the bot owner, said by all people in SteemSpeak Discord server, is that @fyrstikken guy, who is a witness and that discord server admin! His posture really disgusts me...

This is really disgusting! I also have some sad experiences with whales with massive SP-Power! I do hope this behavior doesn't get worse.

Yes Peter... :( It's like the Far West but without any personal values... Sad to see this in this community. Hope that people stop to think about this and change their behavior. This was my intent with this post!

Pro tip: Do not use any bid bots.

Buildawhale and booster have always been the shadiest bid bots to use.

If you want to use ethical bid bots that don't rob you, i would suggest using bots that cap losses, capping the potential loss means they have an ethical mindset.

Also you may want to try a new bot that I think is leading the way forward and they are called, @tipu they give a guaranteed 100 percent bid, based on your payment. You can tip yourself or tip posts you like.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Thanks for the tips... :) But that doesn’t remove any of the non-sense that I talked about... if they are shady, how they continue operating and stealing people without any problem, and even being voted as witnesses?

Good question, maybe @yabapmatt could add a rating system to his excellent website, that would help to weed out the bad actors.

Bid bots are like the Wild West and some are taking advantage of that.

But this is getting too far...

Couldn't agree more!


Witness, Serial Entrepreneur, Blockchain Enthusiast & Developer, Creator of DSound, Crypto & Token Economics Consultant, Voluntaryist and Music addict

Could not find you on the witness listing at:

My witness is @dsound and is at #119 ranking, maybe because I don’t lick whales arses...

Well promoting it on your profile would save arseholes like me some time.

Will add that... you don’t seem like any “arsehole” to me... :)

You caught me on a good day. 👍😎


Bid bots are an abomination I really blame them for the decline of the steem platform people no longer manually upvoted and thus no longer really went to look at content. it has made this place like a mirror gallery where people are screaming in empty rooms where no one or very seldom anyone listens or cares ...

As always my friend, you share your wisdom with the best words! :) Completely agree with you!


sorry darling i was in a rush to send you a reply since i know your an impatient mafa and i dont use a spell check like your dumbass and cinder block wont work for you youve got too much air pressure upstairs it would just bring the cinder block up to the water
do you live in the basement of your parents house
and i guess its a bonus the hot air pressure for you since i believe you already tried the cinder block thing yourself
too bad you have that hot air pressure thing or you would have succeeded
be well and safe jerkoff

hi prc sorry for the downvote
i immediately upvoted you when i realized what i did got carried away with that morally bankrupt BS whackjob
have a great day

cool mate, no problem! :)

I hope my upvote can help to more people to learn more about this matter!! Grettings

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You can also earn Partiko Points by engaging with people and bringing new people in. And you can convert them into crypto! How cool is that!

Hopefully you will have a lot of fun using Partiko! And never hesitate to reach out to me when you have questions!

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Thank you @prc to speak up from many of us the-fishes-of-silence. Many steemians try to improve on their small numbers, but like any enterprise, the rule is rich-get-richter. Some bots even return good reward at first to lure you in, than just designed to suck out of you.

Bots setup for helping awesome communities like Indie musicians and DSound Love Machine is great. Saves hardworking steemians time. Pure profit targeted schemes, is a bad practice at least, scam and robbing. Even fair one is NOT a HEALTHY community and NOT blockchain WORK.

Absolutely my friend! As a matter of fact, I speak publicly because I am worried with the direction that Steem as a community is headed... I still think of Steem as a great social experiment, but this nonsense is really getting out of control! :(

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Yep it's a shithole here for sure. Its purely entertainment for those like myself that got to the party late enough to be blessed with complete disillusionment and the stench of ponzi in the air.. Point being anyone new with half a brain wouldn't invest a bowel movement in this platform and trust me when I say that spells disaster. It's a closed loop of circle jerks and insider discord deals, with a thin veneer of delusional hope dealers desperately trying to save this aching cavernous utter failure...

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Hehe. It is a circle jerk for sure although i wouldnt say its as sinister as folks making shady DM discord deals.
Its more about them not giving a damn.
Its all about power struggles, who said what, why, being important in the face of drama, being a mediator, having a strong opinion on issue brought up by influential people, etc....
I mean even took that path and tried to "mediate" and that got me upvotes that amounted to what i generally earn in a month. But i started feeling dirty doing it, so i stopped.

Something that was supposed to be a social media, community empowerment platform is turning into a power grabbing, brown nosing, ass-kissing, drama fueling, greed driven, shameless, prostituting platform where the only thing that matters is who is on your side and how much SP does that person have.

Sounds about right. Steem, something to do while on the 🚽 toilet. Truly pipe dreams. The hostility is palpable as evident on posts like this where the net is cast far and wide.. Which is amusing because nets and whales in the real world aren't a thing but there's some monsters tangled up here. Its kinda the worst of the worst of the internet and that's definitely entertaining..

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Well...I am having less and less hope as this kind of things develop... :(

Luckily there are new Dapps coming out all the time, like Drug Wars, hopefully STEEM will survive but who knows after reading all this.. :D

It looks like its the same in every part of the Cryptocurrency industry. Tell me there's no circle-jerking and whack jobs in the Bitcoin Investor community.

Even so, i'd take this shit any day over giving my eyeball and views to Facebook to see shitpost in return.

Agreed, I'm here bullshitin around..

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A lot of "rich" Steemians are becoming unfriendly too damn frequently! Greed is becoming the norm here, trolling is now the way people disagree about anything and even censorship is now accepted! This is more then fucking sad! :(

Following the Steem Alliance and their work to get me better informed on where Steem is going, I'm impressed with the work some of the WG, even though my sad observation all over Steem is more in the above expression^^.

How would anyone with brain and money invest in such a (as you called it) kindergarten? What do you think would people, with the possibility to invest some big money to make this in the beginning excellent idea work, really think about this situation on the platform?

As long as their are these ego-selfish-ego-idiots with to much steempower and to much bots running the "moral-army" all over this place, there will be only sadness coming... Personally I'm not even talking about steem anymore. As long this situation is not changing it's like in real life, the blind one and the ignorant one letting themself abuse and violate by the "rich and powerful" alpha dogs... sad as hell!

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As usual a well researched and informed post. Thanks for the heads up! It has been a long time since I have used bid bots, but I know this info will help others! Straight out stealing freaks me out on such a democratic platform. I feel that the use of bid bots will create a one percenter society and ultimately devalue the price of STEEM. I hope there is a turn around on this subject.

Completely agree mate! These behaviors are not legit of a fair and sane society at all...

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  ·  10 months ago Reveal Comment

It was the first time I had any contact with him and it was too much already... shame on him! :(

It typically gets sent to @badcontent but since he bid with @fulltimegeek and not the blacklisted user, the bot redirects to @ipromote my cold wallet. If he sent the bid as proboards, it would have just sent it to badcontent instead.

Many bots direct it to SteemCleaners, but since I run my own blacklist and have almost 40,000 users manually blacklisted solely by me it funds these efforts.

Maintaining this list identifying, counter, and researching spam takes a shit load of time and no one else does this. By sending it to my account instead of Steem Cleaners also allows me to refund (believe it or not I have done this many times, for multiple reasons).

Any error that isn't related to "blacklist" is auto refunded immediately. If it isn't, I make it right the second I know about it.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Thanks @themarkymark! But this post wasn’t about me getting back my 20 STEEM... Even less from you who don’t have anything to do with this transaction! This post IS about the state of the Steem community and all these insane developments that make it sooo less inspiring...
If you sent it trying to make a point with it, as a sad attempt of cleaning up your own mess, I find it really worrying coming from a top 20 witness! You should have more direct and fair ways of showing that to the community, instead of using other people posts to clean your dirt!
You try to send sand to other eyes, but I maintain what I said: you are funding your own projects with other people’s money here! I also have my own blacklists that I am forced to maintain to keep DSound content curated well, at NO ONE ELSE’S EXPENSE!
I will send your 20 STEEM back...

Seems like he was saying he didn’t like with what Fryst did and was trying to help you out. As with your post, you seem to jump to conclusions without looking at any facts.

Not sending funds back to a blacklisted user is common practice and clear in the Terms of service.

Why? Well then they can just run and use another bot who doesn’t care enough to try to prevent spam and plagiarism by benefiting by promoting their post. Is it the right thing to do? I don’t know, I can see why it’s controversial but this isn’t new and I sort of want to support the fight against plagiarism here as it’s a huge problem.

How does that have anything to do with your situation? It doesn’t, not even a little. Your situation was completely different and 100% you should have immediately received a refund, as I think Markymark was trying to show. He doesn’t need to clean up a mess on your post as your post has absolutely nothing to do with him and your information isn’t not even sound, which you point out yourself in your post.

Why include a completely irrelevant situation in your post? Who knows.

Don’t like bid bots? Don’t use them

Don’t like what’s trending? Make sure you make your thoughts known through your up/downvotes

Think disagreements are ruining the community? Then be a leader and help the community get through them and help them realize there is no damage to them specifically and these disagreements are as old as the platform itself. We can ignore them and focus on the good, and if they get bad enough usually some idiot will try to contact both parties to tell the children that the fight is getting out of hand and needs to be resolved, sometimes they will listen to the idiot and other times they will attemtp to flag her.. it’s just the way it goes 🤷🏻‍♀️

Focus on the good, and lead the community.. it’s all we can do.

Not sending funds back to a blacklisted user is common practice and clear in the Terms of service.

Not sending funds back is theft!
The norm should be refund and decline the service.
Relying on TOS is by no means a valid excuse. One could write "If you're a spammer and use my bidbots, I will kill you". Will you still support a murder covered by TOS?

You argument about the (potential) use of another service in case of refund is also misleading.

All is about having values and stick to them.

Just my 2 cents.

Absolutely true my friend! That was what drove me to write this post... but it seems, by the replies that I am getting from these guys, that I am the one doing nasty things here, so I quit the conversation... Not providing a paid service and taking the money is indeed theft and no matter what they write on TOS or on the blacklist they control or others statements. Anyway, had enough of this nonsense... thanks for sharing your thoughts mate!

I’m confused by your response, as I was just stating that this is what most promotional services do and I have asked about it before.. no one seemed to have a problem with it then.

Many times refunds were given, many times they weren’t. If a user is blacklisted, not returning the funds is common practice among most promotional services here and the terms of service is clear on this, anyone agreeing to use the service agrees to these terms. I myself don’t use the service and if it said "If you're a spammer and use my bidbots, I will kill you". I would very much discourage anyone from doing business with them, I feel like that is quite a reach here though, don’t you?

I’m in no way stating what happened to prc is acceptable and is indeed theft, glad it got resolved. That situation and the one I was referring to are very different though, as I commented above.

your argument about the (potential) use of another service in case of refund is misleading.

Not really sure how that is misleading, as this was the response that I got from multiple bid bot/promotional service owners when I asked previously... and so I was stating it here.

I have pretty high values and always stick to them, even if that means getting a bit of heat here on the platform. Just like calling out a community leader when it feels he’s more concerned with getting attention/support than actually making sure his community is well informed. Sometimes having values means saying things people don’t like.

Prc should have been refunded.. over a week later that seems to have happened, I’m glad he got it resolved.

I don’t see why you spent your time replying to my post if it is that irrelevant!
As I said above, this post isn’t about @themarkymark or refunds... you completely missed the point...
It is my opinion about the state of Steem community and what I find that is not going well. It doesn’t get better by ignoring it! Sorry to disagree.. :(

I replied as you are spreading the lie I am a thief.

I am perfectly fine with you disagreeing, but you talked about me and accused me of doing things you misrepresent, so of course, I am going to respond.


Sorry I didn’t know that @llfarms was another you or how many personalities you have...
Spreading lies? Really? I documented all my phrases about that in my posts and they are on the blockchain for anyone to see! Come on, I had you in higher consideration than this... this is low...

Wow, yeah.. see I am working on just giving up when some people seem to be completely unwilling to have an informed and adult conversation, even though it’s hard for me to do.

I’m Markymark now? Ffs... yes.. that does make the most logical sense here. I left non attacking and thought out responses on your post as I felt the message you were sending was not factual and actually does the harm to the community you seem to be so worried about.

Maybe I misunderstood your intent here and maybe it was for attention, and it seems you got what you wanted. Congrats I guess? If you want to actually do something for this community be sure to reach out to me, as I would love to see more community leaders getting involved.

So, I’ll fight my need to fix things and just let you continue as now instead of responding to anything I am actually saying you are trying to spread more FUD, lies.. and well, make drama. Good luck and have a nice day.

He replied to my reply to you as if it was directed to him... ahahah have a good life too! :D

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Oh thank god, I was having an identity crisis there for a minute.

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It is not theft if you all sent the bids on your own, read the goddamn fine print and STFU


Then why did you tag him and others? If you had no intention of making it about them?

I replied because I find it sad when a community leader spreads information that is not correct and just an over all FUD attitude that isn’t factual, helpful or even informing anyone of anything or trying to point out an issue. I guess I feel they have a responsibility to the community to do better than that.

In my opinion the state of the Steem community is at a point where there is an amazing opportunity to make a big change. To build something together that benefits us all, to help to push Steem to the place we all know it can be.

For anyone actually paying attention they would see that this is a great time for the community, but it does mean a bit of work.. it’s means we have to work hard with no return to try to make this community better, it means community leaders have to take the initiative to pull their communities together to make a difference, or at least be their representative to make sure they are informed as well as their values are represented.

So, how about you be apart of this amazing opportunity? That would probably be what’s best for the community.

That hat doesn’t fit me lady... all is documented above! :)
My community is one of the biggest and strongest that continue here and no one here can say I don’t work hard every day to make Steem a better place for all of us! I have shit done here... And that is why things like these flag wars and childish behaviors really piss me off, as I said in my post!
I am all in to helping create a better Steem, and things like these don’t help! And now you blame me for spreading FUD? I never come to public unless I find it important enough... and this was... you don’t agree, I’m ok with that, but don’t insult me with your nonsense...

👍🏼 Ok dude

I don't know you @lifarms and I've never heard of you before, you seem to be a nice person, but you are really barking at the wrong tree here, @prc 's dedication for steemit and this blockchain has been proven times and times again, and has been a leader.
He actually attracted and gathered a community of +500 singer,musicians and producers that have been active on this blockchain.
The problem is that not everyone has a skill on Steemit, some people just hide here, take a selfie, befriend top witnesses and expect a big payout.
The status quo get disrupted when people with real skills come play the game, everybody suddenly notice the posers that were not bringing anything new to the table...
We all seem to be on the same side, the side of the people.

Did you read yourself back afterwards?

Megalomaniac much?

Get help, while you still can...




I have no mess to clean up, my policy is very clear, as is SmartSteem and other bots with the exact same policy.

And as stated elsewhere, I have made exceptions, but after he threatened (and executed 900 flags) to flag me permanently he can take a hike. This is no mistake either, he is also blacklisted on Steem Cleaners.

But never do I keep anyone's money when it is a mistake on my end, or a bot error, it only applies to spammers, plagiarists, frauds. I got far and wide out of my way to prevent this.

I'd venture to say my blacklist is exponentially larger than what you maintain at DSound, and my blacklist is far more inclusive than just what is on BuildAWhale. Also a good part (more than half?) doesn't even use BuildAWhale, it is more of a community project on par w/ Steem Cleaners. I am also of the minority who use my own stake to flag bad content and abuse.

What is your blacklist, a couple hundred names? 40,000 accounts that haven't come to your doorstep disclosing their spammers is a very different level. I spend 10-80 hours a week finding spam and abuse.

I know what that is when DSound was being invaded with Indonesian copycats... but I never got a penny of other people’s money, not even from Steemit Inc delegation, to fund that effort! With greater responsibility comes greater effort as usual... If you find that what you did is ok, good to you... I don’t have to agree with you...

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This is getting far too low for me...
I didn’t even knew about the witness vote... And I never asked anyone anything or do anything with any favor in mind! That is so disgusting...
Done with this conversation mate! Have a good life!

Pedro Colaco.gif

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I "got involved" by not immediately bending over for fulltimegeek when he starting demanding I remove my vote for marky over this. I'd already seen this coming, tried to stop him spamming and decided to leave it alone unless he started using bidbots..
In the end all I did was answer a DM, and flag a $70+ shitpost for a whole dollar.

I'm not a fan of the trolling, or lack of refund - but the terms of service are clear on his rights here. Fulltimegeek is in the wrong, and has been for a long time, and is now using threats , intimidation and flags to try and get his way.

starting demanding I remove my vote

Do you have any evidence of that? I have never demanded anything from you - nor would I ever. You're free to vote for whoever you want. All I said was that @theMarkyMark is a thief and to please reconsider your witness vote for him. I've always been polite and cordial to you so I'm not sure where you're getting this from?

In the end all I did was answer a DM, and flag a $70+ shitpost for a whole dollar.

I would like to say that I have never flagged you and nor am I planning to. Also, how am I suppose to get that account's reputation above 0 if I don't use bid bots? All I want is for it to be unhidden and archived on the blockchain.

I'm not a fan of the trolling, or lack of refund

Why aren't you helping combat this problem then? I don't troll people but the guy you're defending does. I don't steal from people, but the guy you're defending does. Also, I apologize if you think the information that @proboards provides is spam, but I personally consider it to be crucial for winning the information war.

Proboards is spam, you cut and pasted it, never mind the information is worthless garbage, it is spam by everyone's definition. You should be on a spammer blacklist, you are spamming. You should have a negative reputation. You live in a bubble surround yourself with people you delegate to and upvote, welcome to finding out how everyone else feels about it. Its fucking spam.

Awe, that's all you want?


I hope you're staying warm. Got some snow heading your way!

Snowflakes coming your way Antonio, better watch out!

Screen Shot 20190219 at 9.02.52 AM.png


Thanks for the clarification. I’ll leave it at that.

As is pedronimo lmao


I was going to but he isn't very patient before threatening to flag me forever. But there is a reason we have that policy and why other bots use it too and it's not for additional profit. It also doesn't happen very often.

@ausbitbank got involved because FTG bullied to remove his vote if he didn't remove mine.

I don’t agree with how you escalated this. As a business owner and witness, your handling of this matter was very poor, regardless of ToS. I’ve had my vent, I’ll not bore you with my reasoning. Appreciate you took the time to respond, so have a nice day.

This is the right answer I expect from a righteous man. That's why I vote for you, witness.

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