The Troll Triad - Nuccitelli, Ott and Studer

in fraud •  last year

Fronted by his organization iPredator Inc. and a very nice website I might add, he reportedly has 64 employees and a $6.3 million annual budget. I believe he is a troll and his company a front for trolls. Dr. Leonard Howoritz, a leading whistleblower calling out the pharmaceutical industrial complex has filed a criminal complaint and lawsuit against Michael Nuccitelli. I personally met Dr. Horowitz some 25 years ago and am a big fan and his fight against Big Pharma.

We are in a war of words and the truth must prevail.

FYI: iPredator Inc. "allegedly" provides cybersecurity and bullying investigation and consultation. You couldn't make stuff up like this even if you wanted to.

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