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Believe what you want. Frank is decent for standing by RDS, but please note that in George's 'investigation' of Awans, everywhere that George goes, the FBI has been there before him. [The house where Imran left the Blackberries, for instance.] Maybe George is an ok guy, maybe he's gotten some folks interested in stuff, but most of GW's tribe (and esp. CSTT) seem like such dopes, what is it worth? It's basically just entertainment. ~b.grand gretchen 7 months ago

Episode 54: SteemIt

On this episode of End of Days, Internet & the weather caused the scheduled guest to be late. On Short notice a special guest joined the program. Frank Bacon joined the show for the first time. Frank shared his interest in open source & Cryptocurrency. Politics & The Recent trials and tribulations of George Webb. Who Is The Good Man?

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SteemPunk Radio can be found at www.steempunkradio.com


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say meme what i say!


Rubbing the lamp...

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the last video link is not available, go into the 3 dots & hit edit, then change the video.

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