Sapavoli is sort of losing eleven to France?

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Sapavoli is sort of losing eleven to France?


Argentina will face France in the quarterfinal clash on Tuesday, in the fight against Argentina. Sampavoli dressing eleven in this match?

Marcos Roho is running after the winning goal. Lionel Messi is sitting on his shoulders. The whole Argentine team has thrilled Rohan on his shoulders. The symbolic picture of a vibrant team. Such a party want Argentine supporters. Another barrier to go beyond. And for that, it might have to be broken by their own personal customs, Argentina coach Jorge Sampaolichi.

Argentina has played 14 matches under the supervision of Sampoli Argentina. In this 14 matches, Sampali never played in the same eleven consecutive matches. There was no change. However, Argentina media news, Sampsali can keep the eleven against Nigeria. That's his first thought. Sampauli is encouraging the team to play in the first half of the match in Nigeria, to encourage confidence in the eleven.

Argentina-backers can be frustrated by the news. Gonzalo Higuain was dull in the last match. Gazing also missed a simple opportunity. The only forward of the team missed in a live match! It's not new to Hyguain. However, the criticism outside the outside, Sergio Aguero will not be able to return to the first XI in the first round. After the Croatia match, there is a buzz about whether this result is due to an outrageous comment against the coach.

Sampauli also thinks about two alternatives. When Angelo Perez, who got the injury in the last match, is not fit enough then the coach will go to Option B. In that case, you can also exclude Higuain. XI can be seen in Christian Pavon Messi will play Pavon and De Mariah on both sides, as the number one is nine.

Paolo Dibala has left for now. Every time Pavon has been a replacement, the speed in Argentina's game has improved. In the last match Nigeria kept the pressure under the pressure, this young man put it under pressure. Argentine needing Pavon to shake French fringes with Varan-Utsitid In that case Argentina will also change their table. The team played 4-4-2 format in the last match. Now you can play 4-3-3 format

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is it really the quarters ?

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