Beware of the Frameworks and Idiots who merely Learned to Use One or Some (fake Software Engineers)

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David Connelly is the man (true software engineer) I respected all the time, but I only found out today that he is a very “pure” Christian too. He reveals more about his personal life. I trembled… As highlights for intellectual points though, I had always hated and warned about frameworks to everyone I had chance with, and every company I worked for or did business with. I want to share that I was so happy to hear David Connelly dislikes or hate frameworks just like me. I always like David since about five years ago!

For example, there was a little scumbag working at Computer SOS, Inc, 1505 Cleveland Dr, Buffalo, NY 14225, whose name I vaguely remember so I won’t mention for sure (it was like Dean or Jean or who cares), and the big fat lying lowlife owner of that place. They use all kinds of frameworks to get their orders done. They didn’t make any codes of their own. They understood none about Application Development Life Cycle or Software Development Life Cycle. I explained to them, instead of relying on frameworks, just design or code the basics on your own and you can reuse your hard works over and over once you got the basics done. The trouble is that they had NO ONE that have the ability to code or design anything from scratch to get the basics “outline” of websites, software, application, or anything. Some halfwit who merely learned to applied frameworks like Laravel,, thought he was so slick and smart until he met me and he was so afraid that all his lies to the idiot owner and to the customers of the company about what he had been doing will be exposed. The owner was dying to get me into his company but he probably presented a hard choice between me or him…. Keep using stupid frameworks until your world in software development or anything in the world of computers/IT explode and catch on fire! That’s all I want to say in this article for I don’t want to get into technical details explaining about the dangers and tragic experiences I saw with my own eyes I ran into with companies and clients I worked for who used Frameworks before they met me…

In short, stay away from that Computer SOS, Inc, 1505 Cleveland Dr, Buffalo, NY 14225 company. Go tell them Christopher McGrath said so. I spit at that company, the owner, that little idiot Laravel guy, most scums I saw there, and the business model of that company. I love David Connelly.

-Christopher McGrath

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