The Fragment Network and its unimaginable offers.

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So here am I sitted in my office at noon as usual surfing the net for what's new. Yea, its my stuck in trade! (winks). I can sit glue to my laptop with no destination in mind. However, I end up somewhere most times, lol.
So, I go a flash message, its from a WhatsApp contact. what could it be, am quick to check such message, because it often leads me somewhere, like here (

I clicked on the link, and found myself in the fragments network page. What could this be? Ooops! Its a task, I scanned the tasks brief off I went to the pdf documents read through and back to the tasks.

Repeated rejection of my response on the facebook task. Quit? I didn't I want to see the end. Quickly I copied my referral link and spread the news...
Someone invited me right?
Trust me others have to know about this new biggie...

Now what's the biggie?
Comfortably you are sitting facing your system whichever it is you deem fit, desktop, laptop, tablet etc. It's up to you, back to my gist.
In a

There you are without the hustle of travelling out to catch a bus, train or what have you. You switch on your device, router and all that you need to hit the internet road, and travel away. Doing some fragments paying tasks.
This is what really got me, idea that i can work with people I have never seen and may not see, but get paid anyway.

There are people who have to travel to the office everyday doing an 8am to 4pm kinda job or even more(time-wise) and they don't have the luxury of stretching at randomly (lol). No careless tea breaks, did I mention that you also can not sit and take up unnecessary space, you might have to share your office with someone.
The above listed comfort is the reason I love FRAGMENTS and the opportunity it offers. You work from home do your job and get paid while you are still seated in your siting room, lounge, bedroom or wherever.

The fact that its, computer-based encourages people who are not conversant with the digital age to get into it learn and benefit from it, and if you are already a comp-wizard you are so damn goo to fly.
Animators, app developers etc are sort after by requesters, who need some jobs done. These people get contracted online using the fragments network because it is a decentralised system coupled with experienced annotators. Fragments' goal is to provide a micro-task app platform that encourages developers to build systems which have not been conceived.

Did mention division of labour? Yes that is not overlooked as there is task distribution, payments, identity verification, and agreements.
Frameworks can be easily integrated into mobile platforms, this helps developers to focus on the core of their apps and also on the completion of tasks, and eventually earn tokens when their apps get used.

In all Fragments Network is really gathering all the fragments and putting it together to, make a whole, and getting things done without hassle, if you are sitting on the fence and not in the Fragments network, broh, think again...and hop in real quick before you miss it entirely and find it hard to catch-up.

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