Beauty in the Maths - Fractals #3

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Just home from work and thought I'd throw on another post.
I work in a laboratory as a metallurgist but I didn't actually study that in university. I just kind of fell into the job somehow. My passion is organic chemistry but I love most branches of science. I find chemstry so interesting because of how there are so many combinations of elements that can form a vast array of chemical compounds. Even with just carbon and hydrogen, the number of possible molecules is incredible. I think that's what also attracts me ot fractals. It's the amazing variety of images you can get even from just a small change in an equation.

The following three fractals show some more of the variety. The equations are related but the results are totally different.




As I said in my last post, everyone's personal tastes can be so different. I have had people ask for particular fractals in a different color theme but the way I create mine does not allow for a great deal of control in that way. Shape and color are intimately connected in the equations. It's just the way I have always done it because I like the results. No doubt other fractal artists have their own methods.
I once had someone say one of my fractals was OK but that I should Photoshop it to get the colors more balanced and then it would be perfect. I am a bit of a purist though. What's the point of manually adjusting the colors? I think that takes something away from the uniqueness of the images. I felt like saying, "Why don't you send your children to a plastic surgeon? They're OK, but if their noses weren't so up-turned then they'd look perfect." Of course I didn't actually say it but I was sure thinking it loudly.

Bye for now.

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