mushroom land - TBOFM #021

in fractals •  6 months ago

mushroom land - the beauty of fractal math #21

The mushroom shape is found very often in nature. Whenever matter expands and resistance builds up, the "escape routine" is a mushroom cloud in the direction of least resistance. Yeah, everything expanding in nature follows the path of least resistence.


perfect harmony, everything is in balance and correlated with each other.



And this is how it looks rendered with a different non iteration based coloring algorhythm and different color palette.


the pictures are rendered with mandelbulb3D by the author


100% original content by

Ps.: Falling things also follow the path of least resistence, WTC1,2 & 7 just jumped into my mind, I highly doubt that WTC7 falls near freefall speed from all four corners simultaneously, because column 89 failed. If you use simple logic and physics, then you´ll find out, it is simply not possible. period

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Great Mandelbulbies - well fractalized :-)

This is awesome and for me these are reflecting as top artistic sections of the ancient architectures and you used great colours which are reflecting so strong and also these are eye-catching. Keep up this breathtaking art work and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Nature is increadibly fine-tonned full of fractals and you have captured this one perfectly @elgeko!
Mushrooms have so many qualities ♡

I've same about the mushroom

This looks like...
I mean... awesome!

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I need to be on shrooms looking at this :)