Order of the contrary - TBOFM #020

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Order of the contrary - the beauty of fractal math #20

  • a fractal render from my "killuminati series" parameter set, made of white noise selforganizing in 3d space under simple rules. All concrete structures are made out of billions of tiny black&white cubes arranged like 3 dimensional checkerboard.

Order of the contrary

full picture

  • It is like a sphere made of order-bubbles bringing harmony to different possibilities of order, different iteration solutions, a fractal ying yang scenario. As in nature nothing is perfect, like here in the picture on the buttom a tiny rotational noise starts breaking up the traverses connecting the spheres into an endless network. Chaos will hit this structure soon, leaving nothing but noise, but also starting a new arrangement of a new order.
detail 1


detail 2


  • 3D Black and white checkerboard pattern used as a blueprint in fractal selforganisation
detail 3


100% original work by @elgeko



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I liked it. So I upvoted as #2.



OMG! ThanX a lot super BOOSTER !!! Everyone who cares about this platform should vote FYRST-WITNESS as his number 1 witness !

You support a lot of creative people on this platform. This is what makes Steemit so awesome
Thank you !


I can only say that the science when illustrated becomes something magical and highly entertaining, thank you very much for doing so, really great art :D

This is awesome work and all these art work for me reflecting as the amazing and greatest architectural interior design of some kind of great Palace. Keep up this amazing work and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

It is an incredible fractal image, it has a lot of depth and the 3d style is wonderful.

its incredible its look like black hole on space @elgeko

I love trippy fractal art <3

The bubbles give a unique touch to the design.

I like with your post and I was to upvote.

I call this the "@elgeko Does Something Awesome" Theme!!

simply amazing. Creativity and artistic skill is magnificent

what more beautiful and more abstract art

Excellent B&W Fractal Art @elgeko! I love your philosophy on the nature of fractals and the Chaos involved in the Geometry.
Don't you love Maths and the cool stuff that becomes art because you influenced the outcome of Chaos?
Maths is bloody cool !!

I think Escher would approve. Beautiful work!