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You may know yet or not, but having a clean planet is one of my personal challenge in life...

Since I am a kid I have learn to keep my garbage in my pocket if there is no bin around.
And I am always hurt in my deep inside when I see the garbage all around... in the city and even more in the nature.

In 2016, for complete year I have taken an everyday pictures and filmed the streets of Brussels, talked to the guys who are cleaning our streets, participated in a lot of different " cleaning the city " projects with the authorities or with the Brussels's citizen... And even educate my neighbors to tell the people who were putting all their garbage in our street to tell them to stop.

So, this is a small movie to sho you why we all have to participate in the clean planet project.

If you want to know more about the project read this : https://steemit.com/busy/@cleanplanet/today-cleanplanet-begins-to-reward-you

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This is really good message for the society. People can understand about the planet. This is our duty to make our area net and clean if we did it this is good for our family, to our country.

Mais quel plaisir pour nous de voir que tu es la première bénéficiaire et la première utilisatrice de notre tag.
Beaucoup ce sont sensibilisés mais peu agissent.
Cela changera dans le temps.
Bravo et merci d'avoir Promote notre projet comme tu l'as fait.
... tu sers la cause de la planète.
100% upvote


Le projet me tiens fort à coeur @cleanplanet, je suis investie dans la cause depuis assez longtemps.
En vous souhaitant beaucoup de succès.
Merci pour votre vote.
A bientôt!

Today, I was at the beach in Pondicherry. I saw a guy playing with a bottle. Guess what, after done playing, he just left it and it disappear with the waves. I knew he would do it. In this beach, there's a clean up every weeks.
But lack of education and plastic business is ruining it everyday !


I remember how disgusting was the country side in India because of the plastic @johnnyfrs ... :-(
Lack of education as you said...
Same everywhere in the world.
It's like people don't care of the nature, the earth, the life...

c'est pas dur à comprendre ,c'est comme monter dans un pin a 50 m du sol s’asseoir sur une branche,et la couper ! c'est débile et bien c'est ce que nous faisons en polluant notre mère nature,c'est comme un boomerang,et vraiment je supporte se projet et agit chaque minute ,seconde , journée,en ne polluant pas ou peut,et en apprenant à mes enfants,le respect de la nature !


On nous fait croire que c'est l'espèce humaine qui serait responsable, moi je pense que ce sont plutôt ses dirigeants et leur pouvoir illégitime qui consiste non seulement à ne rien changer mais également à poursuivre la destruction de l'environnement au nom du profit et de l'exclusivité des richesses car les alternatives au plastique et aux énergies fossiles, on les a. Et si tout était bio-dégradable on aurait déjà fait un grand pas pour nettoyer notre planète, en tout cas pour stopper net ce déferlement d'ordure aussi bien sur terre que dans les océans. Donc, ramassons toute leur merde et renvoyons-la à l'expéditeur!

Really appreciable thoughts and it's vital aspect. It's our responsibility to keep our surrounding very clean and to solve any cleaning issue or if we see garbage here and there, and solution is, if everyone stops throwing garbage outside then automatically every stuff will be clean for sure.

And good to watch the video and it reflecting as an fast forward video which is showcasing the aspects of places where we can see the garbage stuff here and there, and in my opinion truly your initiative is appreciable.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you very much ❤️ @chireerocks


Welcome. 🙂

But what a pleasure for us to see that you are the first beneficiary and the first user of our tag. Many are sensitized but few act.
That will change over time.
Congratulations and thank you for promoting our project the way you did. ...you serve the planet's cause.
100% upvote