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I recently made the jump from the common quadcopter type of drone flight to experiments with a flying wing. For those that do not fly drones, the differences may appear subtle and so I will explain why this is a big jump. First off, wings are fast, as in non-stop fast. All the time fast. "Where did the field go" fast. They require attention to the next three moves. They require space and good reflexes. They require a little planning ahead.

Wings cannot hover. The ability to stop and think about your next move makes life easier. Quadcopters can stop and drop straight down. Quads are much more maneuverable. Wings turn like a school bus pulling a trailer.

The hardest part about learning wings is the launch. The Blade Theory W took the worries out of launching with its stabilization modes. My first attempt at flying wings was an absolute failure because of launch characteristics of my first wing. Launches were very easy with the Theory W.

My experience with hang gliding really made landing the wing a breeze. I could see were this might pose a challenge to most quadcopter pilots. You really don't have to think about glide slopes or stalling on final approach in a quadcopter. Again, this is an area where wings require more planning and attention.

The learning curve is made possible by the durability of the foam wings. None of my landings were beautiful. You cannot tell from looking at the wing how bad the landings were.

If the weather cooperates, I plan on taking the wing back to the beach to fly the waves. Wings get much better flight times and provide much better range for long distance flights.

The quads certainly are giving me smoother footage.




If you fly 4s, keep an eye on the mount and/or restrain from holding full throttle for long. Mine ended up melting on the 2nd flight.

4s is all I fly. Thanks for the heads up. Do you think standoffs would work to keep the motor attached when the heat builds?

Probably, but then your CG might change. I'm planning to just mount it to some plywood, when I manage to find spare time & motivation between RCG/FG review builds...

I never thought about it pulling the CG rearward. Good insight. I guess throttle management is the best means to the end....that and a plywood firewall. I am putting together an S800 with an FC and iNav. Return to home would certainly make life easier over the ocean.

Whoa This is pretty cool man

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