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The two pilots Nurk FPV and Johnny FPV both are amazing in what they do. They both fly races and freestyle and make amazing videos on Youtube.

But now the big question: Who is better?

whos better.jpg

In my opinion when I watch Nurk's Videos I feel he is more like a normal person. He isn't the guy flying for big teams and standing behind a brand etc. He simply works as an information scientist and in his freetime he ripps around a track or dives buildings and bridges.

Nurk FPV Youtube Channel

Johnny is more the experienced one for me. He flys in the NEXXLADES team category race. I personally don't really like his flightstyle, because he builds in many backwards manovers, which are way more difficult but for me not as cool as simple flipps and gaphunting. Johnny is more the guy reaching for brands and teams, which for me is like on another level.

Johnny FPV Youtube Channel

Anyways, what do you think which of them is the better pilot?


Nurk is much more entertaining for me. I don't get wrapped up in technicality.

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