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in #fpv6 years ago

It's a beautiful sunny day and I used the time to fly this even more beautiful quad.

This DVR footage is from the GEPRC XJB 145mm. It's the stockversion and costs around 140$. The only thing you have to do is to put in an own receiver for your radio. I use the 2.4Ghz version FlySky receiver and have no problems with it. Other then that I also bought many different props to look for the best fitting my flightstyle. I really like the ones from Gemfan and they are also pretty cheap.

Here's the link to the Drone:

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I love how quick these smaller quads are getting! And that price is amazing!

Yeah, this amount of power in that size and for that price is pretty cool, and the best thing is it fits perfectly in my backpack so i can always take it with me.

Nice flying skills! I would recommend to disable sidebars and horizon on your osd, they just distract pilot's attention.

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